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A beautiful Story about a Girl

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Asalaamu alaykum, I found this story in this website, it happened to this girl in Oman. Read it.



This is a true story about a girl who lived in Oman, and was Omani. The people who told her story are her best friend and some members of her family.


The story starts when a young Omani man married a western woman. The woman stayed on her Christian religion, but she came to live in Oman with her husband. The man had a good job and was wealthy. They had some children, but they lacked a family.


This story is very sad because it talks about THE TRUTH; The truth that was so bitter for one of their daughters.

I will call her Malak, it means angel. That is what she turned out to be later, so there is no better name to call her.


Malak lived a life of luxury and wealth. She had whatever anyone would dream to have.The only thing that this young girl lacked was a family.


Malak wanted someone there for her to spend time with, and to confide in.The only people who she could turn to were the other rich girls who led a life similar to hers. They spent their time with friends basically having fun, as it would be called. There was no one to interfere with them, they could do whatever they please.


In one of the vacations they decided to go to Salalah for a couple of days.


There was Malak and her best friend and six boys that went with them. They took two rooms, one, which the boys slept in, and the other where she and her friend slept in. They would all stay together in one room, or in the clubs then they would go to sleep around two in the morning. This is how much freedom these girls had. At least that is what they considered freedom.


Malak and her best friend both had boyfriends, so once they wanted to hang around somewhere without being disturbed by the others. They decided to go to her friend's house because there was no one there.


So they sat together in the living room for sometime, then her friend wanted to go into one of the rooms with her boyfriend, and she told Malak that she could also go into any of the rooms if she wanted to.


Malak preferred to stay in the living room and talk to her boyfriend. After some time her friend called her, so she and her boyfriend both went. When they did they were astonished to see their two friends in such a shameful way. Malak was so furious that she slapped her friend and told her, " How dare you?" Then she stormed out of the house, full of feelings that she had felt for the first time in her life.


For the first time she felt that her life was worthless. She just needed somewhere to run to be comforted.


She went to her house,only to hear the loud music playing and the voices of her siblings with their friends. Oh how she hated all those things that happened in that house. She ran to her room for comfort, only to find all those horrible paintings and posters staring at her. She pulled them all down and broke them. She felt very tired after that, but relieved.


Now she needed to pray, she went to their living room, because it was quiet so that she can pray. She wanted to pray, she needed to pray, but she didn't know how! She went into the toilet and got her whole body wet, because she had no idea how to perform wudhu. Then she found her grandmother's prayer mat and she stood on it, not knowing what to do.


Then she just did what her heart told her to do, she prostrated (did sujud) and just talked to God. She stayed like that for one whole hour. She just poured her heart out to her Creator. She felt much better after that, but there was more that she wanted to do now.


She remembered her uncle, whom she hadn't seen for a very long time, because he was not on good terms with her father. He was the person who could help her. She planned to go to his house, but she absolutely couldn't go there dressed the way she was. She tried to find something suitable to wear, she couldn't. All her clothes exposed her body. Then she remembered that her aunt had once given her an abaya and veil and the holy Qur'an. She went and got them all out, wore the Abaya and veil, then she called her grandmother's driver to take her to her uncle's house.


When she got there, her uncle's wife opened the door. Malak threw herself into her arms and cried her heart out.


The aunt understood what happened, so she called her husband. When Malak saw her uncle, she did the same, she just hugged him tight and cried. The uncle didn't even recognize his niece at first because he hardly sees her. When he understood who she was, he comforted her and sat with her and talked to her.


Malak had later said that this was the first time that she ever felt love and care. Then she asked to see one of her cousins. When her cousin came, she asked her to teach her how to pray. After she learned the prayers, she said I don't want anyone to come in this room, I want to be alone for three days.


Then she asked her uncle, "How long would it take me to memorize the holy Quran." The uncle said that she would need at least five years to do that. She was not happy, she said," I could die before five years had passed."


So she started her mission, she started memorizing the Qur'an. Malak was so much happier and at peace with herself in this new lifestyle. After about two months her father finally realized that his daughter was not in the house and started to inquire about her!


He was infuriated to discover that she was in his brother's house. He went to take her from there, but she refused to go back to their house. Finally Malak decided to go live in her grandfather's house, so as to solve the problem.


What's important is that Malak did reach her goal, she memorized the holy Qur'an in three months only! Now she called her uncle and his family to come over so that they could celebrate the occasion. She told them to hurry. They were all so happy and excited and they went quickly.


When they got there, they were told that she was praying. A long time passed and she still didn't come, so her cousins decided to go see her. They saw her on the prayer mat holding the holy Qur'an in her arms, lying dead. Yes you all read that sentence correctly, she had died holding the holy book in her arms near the heart that memorized it.


The whole family was devastated at her death, but now they had to bury her quickly. They called her father, but she had told her grandfather that she doesn't want her mother to come if she had not converted to Islam. Her sister and brother also came. Then they started washing her. It was the first time for her cousins to wash someone, but they did it anyway, because they were the closest people to her. They said that they felt other people helping them, people that they couldn't see. They had prepared the Kafan (the white cloth that the dead person is wrapped in), but it had disappeared.


They started looking for it everywhere, but they couldn't find it. Then to their surprise in one of the corners of the house they found another Kafan that had the most beautiful smell. So they had no choice but to use this Kafan. When the men went to pray for her, there were six men, dressed in green.


These six men also prayed for her, then they carried her to the graveyard and they buried her. These six men were not members of the family, they were strangers. After the burial, these men disappeared and no one knew who they were or where they came from.


There is no doubt about whom they are and where they came from. They were angels and they came from up above to take the body of the pure Malak and treat it the way God wants. Malak deserved to be buried by angels not humans, because she had reached a higher standard than most other humans had.


The sad thing is that there are many like Malak in Oman and in other Islamic communities. I just hope that everyone spreads this story so that we could learn from this live example. To all the men and women, when it comes to marriage don't just think of love and lust, think of the children that are going to come.


Choose good parents for you children before you bear them. Remember that there is death and judgement and then heaven or hell.


Take good care of your families and nurture them with love and care,and sow faith in their hearts.


Like Malak, with all that she had, she never really felt happy until she found her path back to Allah. Without faith there is no happiness or contentment.

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maanshallah........Ilaaheey ayaa hanuunta iskale.. ninka uu damcana waa hanuuniyaa... Yaa rabi... Na soo wada hanuuni...


MOdest.. Jazaka Allah qeyr macaanteey for sharing... I am in tears now...

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:eek: Modesty, I can't thank you enough for sharing Malak's story.

Jazakallah and may Allah (SWT) reward you for spreading the word of Islam.



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Ameen Hibo! Walahi, i am so glad i found this story because it made me become more aware of the deen, since we are always caught up in the dunya.

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Sis i heard that story in quite a different version, but nervertheless it was a beautiful one walahi.

Jazaka Allah

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