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  1. Haboon

    How many of you?

    Checkmate dear there is nothing wrong with trying to better your self.....life is about aiming for perfection whether that is in religion, relationships, work or in any other field
  2. Jazakallah modesty, that was very touching... shows you how easily we can change our destiny
  3. How would Bush be of any use to muslims Jacaylbaro? So far he has done nothing but wage war against us under the false assumption of freeing us from so called bogeymen found all over the middle east
  4. The four more years battle cry will be realised very soon as predicted
  5. Salaam Cute girl just because far worse things are taking place amongst muslims doesn't mean that friendship between opposite sex should not be frowned upon.
  6. Salaamzz You know what i find hard to digest, the fact that the American press will not hold their soldiers accountable for the attrocities that took place in the same dungeons that Sadam used to torture prisoners. I heard that none of the major newspapers or broad casters had the nerve to talk openly about what took place in those dungeons for fear of upsetting their viewers. I felt there was a moral abligation to print or broad cast those pictures so that it would not occur again. When Sadam was allegedly doing the same the whole world was critizing and trying to overthrow him. How on earth can the US hold the moral high ground now those pictures have emerged.
  7. Salaamzzz Well a brother that has in the back of his head that he is quite certain that the women he is seeing will say no to his proposal yet continues the relationship is not sincere in my eyes. If a relationship is doomed then what's the point of letting it drag on. I personally would not feel at ease at breaking up a xalaal relationship and as i would not want to be anyones 2nd wife even though it is permitted i'd rather have it that we went our separate ways Alxamdulilaah chubacka my life is very dull and i doubt i'll ever be in such a perdicament
  8. Salaam Blair and his cronies appointed Lord Hutton So i don't see how we were ever going to find out why Dr Kelly took his own life
  9. Salaamz Dear sister islam might be the fastest growing religion but it is still the second biggest religion Christianity is number one
  10. Salaamz It cant be ignorance , if it was, the person that was proof reading the book would have spotted it, or the publishers would have corrected it somehow I find it hard to believe that their understanding of the second biggest religion is so limited It must be a propaganda tool
  11. salaamz Its all part of their propaganda war against our way of life ie Islam They are spreading those lies deliberately
  12. Salaam I was having a bad day, come to think of its been like that for a couple of weeks now What are my problems compared to that of the converted brother, going against all that he believed in and embracing islam at the end I needed that article to but my little problems into perspective Thanks
  13. Salaam Dear Rahima I once read that the only thing that can change someone's destiny or character is dua, so even if u came across a no good brother with some prayer he might change, don't give up on that dream husband, there are alot of decent brothers around it just takes time to find them I luckily do not fall into the catogory you decribed Nur but i hope you don't mind me participating in ur discussion RAMADAN KARIIM
  14. Salaamzzz I see the US is up to its old trics trying to break down our resistance/spirit
  15. Salaamzzzzzzz Let me rephrase that, i know we will govern one day ishallah, it's a matter of time as stated in the Quran Shujui