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by Mohamed Mousa:


The story in the streets and majlises in the Somaliland and abroad is very common these days. It is about counting heads and about the forgery happening there. Tribes are competing to outnumber each other in order to beat the other in the elections to come. Some of the tribes are doubling their count by cheating the system to show the world and the other clans that they are dominant.


We are receiving information that some of the clans have put aside the registration procedure and started counting their people on their own way. The employees for the election commission have been suppressed and threatened and even some were bribed. In some districts each person has been registered several times whereas the names of individuals who live abroad have been issued registered cards. People of all ages have been registered .


We all know that population density of Somaliland regions is different from region to region. In some districts the population density is barely a factor while others have a high population density. It is not a matter of how large the area is but how many live there. The population demography has been changing for the last decade because people are moving from rural areas to urban areas. This created a vacuum in some districts of Somaliland. The agricultural areas have become more overcrowded.


The problems created from the registration process are numerous and not shared by all tribes in Somaliland. Those clans who have been arguing that they are the majority are the cause of the mismanagement of the process. Those clans are solely responsible of the registration discrepancies, the turmoil, dishonest, forgery, and confusion. Those clans will never grow out of their persistent notion that they are responsible for the creation of Somaliland and that if the others try to resist their agenda, they can dispense with them and proceed on their own to make Somaliland independent.


Every member of that clan, whether it is educated, illiterate, young, and old have the same reasoning and they are never shy of saying when debating with others that they can alone succeed in what they want. Recently, they believe that Awdal people can leave the union if they want to and the status quo will continue without their support. Even some of them say to hell with them. Truth and facts are indispensible. Why people deny and at same time talk these issues in the majlises and streets. Truth is always sour and raises controversies and awakens the people to the daily reality.


It is very rare to see someone from the clan referred in this writing who can accommodate others with respect and common sense when the argument gets hotter on certain issues such as power sharing in the Senate, Parliament, and the Government. As argument continues, they say who cares others. They believe that without other clans, they can have what they want – Somaliland Independence. They will never agree the idea that others are needed and without them Somaliland Independence will not be achieved.


The prevailing common sense towards Somaliland Independence dictates that without equal power sharing, there will be no chance of getting away with the notion that there is only one clan which can make it possible. Throw that dream out of the window and let the people of Somaliland negotiate together on their destiny. In 1993, the negotiated agreement in Borama was right at the time of searching peace. It was just a process of reconciliation and healing. We all know that the agreement was reached by a few people and is not from the choice of the people of Somaliland.


Continuing this agreement, which was conceded for the sake of peace and reconciliation, is not acceptable by today’s scenarios and after the acknowledgement of the greediness, disrespect for others, and the love of absolute power in the country by one clan. This is not in the interest of all clans in the region. A bird can never fly without wings. The clan referred in this writing must be aware of that fact and come to it senses and accept a real negotiation based on real power sharing and know that without those two wings its dream will never come true and its destiny will be shrouded in mystery.


This argument is not new but has been continuing for so long. When confronted with real facts, this clan conveys the notion that it has given chance to the other clans. It takes the President as an example. Sure, the President is from Awdal. Sure, we have reached some successes towards Independence, peace and some tranquility under his Presidency. But how about the other discrepancies he inherited from previous governments and the unfortunate agreements signed in


Borama: The inequality in Government, Senate, and the Parliament. How many are from this clan? Isn’t it an absolute power dominated only by one clan? What would happen after they have full power and sovereignty? That clan enforces its agenda in the Senate and Parliament because they have the absolute majority. It has been seen already that whatever that clan is satisfied is passed and becomes a law. Dear Awdalites, do not close your eyes and your God given brains and get ready for real challenges and negotiations or you will remain outside the political decision making.


Recently, there is a petition signed by some Awdal elders and it is circulated in the Internet. They wrote about the flawed and inconsistency of the Registration Process. Nevertheless, it is short of the main concern. They put forward some recommendations but they have not put on the table the real issue they have in their hearts. The Awdal people should bring forward all of the issues concerning them and answer the question, what ……..If?


Put this way: these are the discrepancies, these are recommendations, and these are what we would do if things are not corrected accordingly. Awdal people know what they want and they talk about it among themselves, but unfortunately they do not take to the table. Awdal people must confront the facts and follow what their hearts dictate to them. Awdal people have to be aware that the status quo is not in their interest at present and in future.


The facts are clear; we are not happy about the number of senators, parliamentarians, and Government Employees. In a net shell we do not have our share based on the present and future circumstances. Suppose there is a weighing scale. You want to buy a pound of something. In order to get exact amount, you should have an equal weight on the other side. Awdal people should make it clear that without them, Somaliland independence will never happen and talk about recognition will be history. It is as clear as that. No messing around. Challenge this clan in the streets, in majlises, and in media. Awaken them to the hard facts. Open their eyes and show them the right path leading us to Somaliland Republic.


The registration process would not have happened in the first place. People of Somliland have voted before without voter registration. If we need head count of every individual in Somaliland, let us start a process where the Municipalities issue Identity Cards provided we give the people free of charge services. Let the process continued for a year or two. Then we will know how many people are registered in every region and district.


It is advised Awdal’s interest lies in the outright rejection of the Status quo, ask for fresh negotiations and search for answers and allies in the region.


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These Awdal folks need to quit their whinning! Am sure they got the memo, which clearly stipulated that, only marfish dwelling patrons of the enclave will get counted this year-- so I wonder what all the fuss is about? smile.gif


dhulQarnayn :cool:

Republic Of California

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