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My advantures @ Somalinet ( A Sci-Fi Play )

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To Sister Lateefah


whenever you read objectionable material, remember how I lost my innocense @ Somalinet before I was rescued back to this clean ( relatively) site. Here is how I expreswsed my feelings three years ago.



Planet Somalinet


Space Ship Dhoodaan's Qabaal




Guure: Mission Specialist

Xiddigow: Intergallactic Location Mapper

Shankarroon: Manned Unit Lander pilot ( or in her case womanned Unit Lander)

Nur: On Board Businessman.



Nur: Assalamu Calaykum Xiiddigow, where are we?


Xiddigow: What reference frame are you interested in, and what domain?


Nur: Just give me the spherical coordinates time domain calculation with

respect to M2308 Cluster


Xiddigow: We are fast approaching the M2308 radially, we should be there in

three ITU (Intergalactic Time units.)


Nur: Mr. Guure are you there? Xiddigow is telling me that we should be landing

very soon on the edge of the cluster,

is the space hub well suited for landing?


Guure: Let me make contact with Shankarroon, I will be back


Guure: Shankarroon, This is the Dhoodaan's Qabaal Mission Specialist, do you copy?


Shankarron: Yes sir, I have just managed to land on a strange world called WWW


Guure: I will connect Mr. Nur, he has few questions for you, hang on if you do not mind


Shankarroon: Go ahead, I am copying.


Nur: Hi Shankarroon, what is the WWW?


Shankarroon: It is the Wide World of Wareer and Waalli


Nur: What is the local date in that world?

Shankarroon: The hegira is 1419 and the Gregorian is 2000


Nur: How safe is it, can I land there, I have a mission to deliver some

NURTEL products , but I am afraid the locals may not understand my mission.

When I am done I want to add another W, Wide World of Wanaag.


Shankarroon: The Web as they call it over here is a one stop shop of

anything imaginable, the decency standards are the lowest a human can bare,

even some sites are worst than animals, some sites are great for their

learning opportunities, some for the business and innocent entertainment,

but they are all mixed up. Let me zoom in a bit with my MUL ( Manned Unit Lander),

right now I can see a small planet named Planet Somalinet.


Nur: That is the right planet, more info please,


Shankarroon: There is a Islam landing site, would you like to land there?


Nur: Yes indeed, I am fixing to land, do you see any creatures?


Shankarroon: I see a creature called MAD MAC he has logged over a thousand



Nur: Is he really Mad?


Shankarroon: Not really, he sells a product called ( LHNP) Life Has No Purpose,

and amazingly, he has customers.


Nur: You mean if I open shop next door to him with my Nurtel business I can

command a respectable market share?


Shankarroon: That is the report I am getting from our virtual data analyzer, but

you have to be patient, creatures on this site are wild, ever since you flew

to space with your Dhoodaan Qabaal spaceship in 1969 to match the

Apollo 11 Moon landing feat for Somali Peoples Pride, Somalia as you have

known it, has disintegrated to tribal factions when a tribal based

civil war broke out, now the inhabitants of this virtual planet who are the

remnants and the second generation of the Dhoodaan Qabaal Pilots, are very wild,

so better be careful, the first thing

they will ask you will be your Qabiil, so be careful in your answers.


Nur: I have two tribes from each side of my parents, eight from my grandparents and

my origins get complicated geometrically after that, which one should I tell them?


Shankarroon: Tell them at least your lineage of the three main warring

clans, let them guess the sequence,

which one you are, some really sick creatures on this site will accuse you of being one clan,

so ignore them, times have changed, these creatures ( SBS)Somalibigotsaurs,

are roaming the site and have grown

so big they have scared all other decent life forms, your products initially

may not have customers, but if you

stick to your guns you have a great chance,

but again, you have a big job ahead of you.


Nur: How about the moral standard of these creatures?


Shankarroon: The lowest, their language is mostly four letters,

associated with the procreation anatomy.


Nur: I am ready to land, Shankarroon, this will be exciting.


Shankarroon: May Allah Bless you Nur


Nur: one last question sister, why did your parents name you Shankarroon?


Shankarroon: I was the only girl in the family, and to my parents, I was

the kindest I enjoy helping my parents

and I dedicated my life to make them happy, ( Baarriyad baan ahay) as a result

my life is success after success, by the way , my birth name was Shuun.


Nur: that name can confuse some Somalibigotsaurs, talk to you later sis.


The space journey will continue with episode 2, do not miss.


NURTEL Communications

Powering your imagination



Dhoodaan's Qabaal Space Mission continued.



Nur: Shankarroon, this place is horrible, there is very little intelligent life

on this forum, beam me up, would you.


Shankarroon: Sorry Nur, the orbiter will not come around for another 3 years,

till March 25 2003.


Nur: No, No, I can't stand this nonsense for another three years, do

something Shankarroon.


Shankarroon: My Husband, the Mission Specialist aboard Dhoodaan Orbiter is on line.


Nur: Captain Guure, You should've told me this before I landed, it was not

my idea to test the water with both feet.


Captain Guure: Calm down, Nur , you are on a noble mission, your products are

superior and the rewards are unlimited. You are selling tolerance, kindness

to parents, peace and belief in Allah, be firm.


Nur: Captain Guure, you have a point, but it looks like I will compromise

my self esteem being here.


Captain Guure: Think with the end in mind, obstacles are only increasing your

reward. What you have is a gift, you must share it.


Nur: You mean everything Allah provided me with has a purpose?


Captain Guure: Yes, they are called FADL, and you either use it for a credit or loose it altogether,

so it is wise to protect the goodness you value with gratefulness, appreciation

and sharing, Allah will even give you more of what you value like a firm belief (iimaan) and the Love of Allah.


Nur: That is correct Captain, Allah says " And seek the next life with all

things Allah has given you", you really make sense Captain, mahadsanid.


Xiddigow: Captain, we are fast approaching a dense dust cloud, change the

course toward constellation Massagowaa.


Captain Guure: My coordinates show we are heading toward the Bur Ciideed and

Riig Oomane Quasars with a relativistic speed of 64000 nautical miles per hour.


Xiddigow: That is the navigation course heading toward the dust cloud, a 28 Mile radius cloud.


Nur: How is that going to affect your return date guys? this planet is scary.


Captain Guure: Non whatsoever relative to your coordinates.


Nur: Where is Shankarroon?


Shankarron: I am programming the navigation system with the new parameters, what can I do for you Nur?


Nur: Please make Ducaa for me sister, I see you as a devout person.


Shankarroon: You bet, my Husband, Captain Guure and I , will always make Ducaa for



Captain Guure: Now that you have accepted to stay behind three years, I ha ve some good news.


Nur: What is it Captain?


Captain Guure: We are experimenting with a new time capsule, if you want to try it, it will take you

back in time to early Mecca circa sixth century, would you like to try it?


Nur: Definitely, I can't wait, I cant' wait to see the beloved Saxaabah, I have only seen them in my dreams.


Captain Guure: Please wait our signaling for the next three days, you will be picked up by the time capsule and

You can still communicate with your present WWW World and Somalinet Planet

via special Trans-time hook up, so you can relay your experiences back and

forth to the new world and vice versa, see you in 72 hours.


Nuur: Maca Salaama Captain.

End of episode 2


The Dhoodaan Qabaal Space Odyssey will continue


NURTEL Communications

Extending Your Imagination



Episode 3



Dhoodaan,s Qabaal Spaceship Odyssey contiued....



Captain Guure: Nur, The Capsule is dispatched, do you see it?


Nur: yes Captain, I see a hovercraft suspended halfway between Mijiyahan and Garasbaalley.


Captain Guure: that is the craft, use your wrist controller to communicate.


Nur: How

Captain Guure: Find the attached file on your wrist contrller, follow the directions


Nur: Thanks Captain, I am comminicating, and the craft is responding.


Captain Guure: I will leave Xiddigow to guide you for setting up the navigation parameters.


Xiddigow: Hello Nur, I am here to help you operate the Time Capsule, let me know of your parameters.


Nur: I am sending a coded signal encripted with a time domain equation and its

boundary conditions, describing my instantaneous parameters

relative to a mutual common reference frame, do you copy?


Xiddigow: Thanks I got it, resend the signal again, , my analyzer

rejects Garasbaalley as a valid data point.


Nur: I am resending it, but with the closest data point in the data base, please check,

will it accept Calayaale?


Xiddigow: That is good , the analyzer is alerting me that there is strong

radiation signals emanating form

Mijiiyahan near Bossaaso, do you have an explanation for that glitch.


Nur: Yes Sir, Mijiyahan Town is on top of large Uranium deposit, is it interfering with the signaling?


Xiddigow: it was for a second, But I've just compensated it with a dummy function,

it should work now, InshaAllah.


Nur: The Time Capsule has arrived, within 50 meters, that is impressive, now I am

well placed in the capsule, I have pretty much followed the instructions

and everything checked out green, meaning ready for Time flight, do you copy?


Xiddigow: You destination time ?


Nur: Let us try the year 577 AD


Xiddigow: What is so special about that date?


Nur: I want to join the Migration of the prophet SAWS from Makka to Madina,

I know Traveling with the prophet is not an easy trip for the common man,

but I love the prophet SAWS, I want to hug him, and cry, then relay back to the

Planet Somalinet the prophets advice and message.


Xiddigow: You are right, That is dangerous, but it is your choice pal, are you

prepared accompanying him in his Hegira trip, according to our records,

there is only one man who braved this trip, and zooming on the year 577 year,

they are now both holed up in a cave called Hiraa waiting for a guide to show

them the road to Yathrib.


Xiddigow: I am sending the code, make sure that you are very careful in keying

in the numbers right, the system

has zero error tolerance margin, it will execute the command and I have no

authority in resetting the parameters, so be very careful.


Nur: Bismillaah, I have just completed the keying in of the parameters, and

have recheked it twice, I am ready to fly.


Xiddigow: Tawakkal calaAlaah, Nur


Nur: Back to you I have taken off, 8f6gf9nbf87f-0-gfn m76 fjfds5es

dfo8. 5964yhd95 %4 9 8784unnkf 947

( Code for " Subxaanaladee Sakhara lanaa haadihi wa ma kunnaa lahu bi muqriniin"

" Allahummma innaa nasaluka fii

safarinaa haadaa, al birraa wat taqwaa, wa minal camali maa tardaa, Allahumma

hawin caleynaa safaranaa haadaa wa adwi canna bucdah, Allahumma anta as Saaxibu

fis safar wal khaliifatu fil ahl,

Allahumma innaa nacuudu bika min

wacthaa i safar, w ka'aabatil mandhar,

wa suu'ul munqalab fil maali wal ahl"



Time traveller Nur is now traveling through time, he is heading toward the year 577, the year of

the flight of Prophet Muhammad SAWS from Makka to madina. Please join us

in his maiden arrival in Yathrib, circa 577, given the Time Capsule works well

and the crew in Dhoodaan's Qabaal Spaceship mointor the time travel path relaying

back to the Wide World of Wanaag and the Planet Somalinet details of Nur's jouney.


Don' go away, we will be right back inshAllah.


End of Episode 3 , to continue.


2003 NURTEL Communications

Propelling you forward to Wanaag World



Episode 4



Dhoodan's Qabaal Spaceship Jouney Coninued



Nur is in the time capsule, he has landed in a non familiar site and unexpected

time slot in history according to his instruments, Nur is very worried,

peeking out of the window, all the Time traveler businessman sees is lush

green landscape contrary to the stark desert of Arabia he expected to land,

and its the hilly barren mountains of Mekka

and vicinities near the Red Sea,

and The Hijaaz mountain strip along the

Red sea.


Nur: Captain Guure, This is Nur , do you copy?


Captain Guure: Yes Nur, You must have entered the wrong parameters , your

time capsule is reporting error date and location


Nur: What do you mean with error date and location?


Captain Guure: It means that you may be in a prehistoric time, look around do you see

any Somali Tribal bigots?


Nur: No I do not see any human, should I walk out of the capsule to look for humans


Captain Guure: Be careful, if prehistoric people like Somali Bigots and

Somali Anarchists get a hold of your Time capsule, they will sell your ship as

scrap in Dubai for the metal content, they have no idea the sophistication of

the advanced instruments, and as a result you will evaporate with them for ever,

be careful when dealing with these creatures if you ever come in contact with them.


Nur: Thanks Captain, I will make sure to step out and be careful, I will read

my Adhkaar and inshAllah I will be safe.


Bismillah, Tawakaltu Calaallah, wa laa xawla walaa quwata illaa billah.


Captain Guure: That is good Nur, The angels will say " Kufiita wa hudiita

( You are covered pal, and guided)


Nur: Captain, I can see from this hill a huge boat-like looking structure

being swarmed by builders, where in time am I?


Captain Guure: Oh , yaa Allaah, Nur, you are far out in time, that may be Noah's ark,

I do not know how we can bring you back in time to the past, how complete does the boat look like?


Nur: It looks 97 percent complete, I will read the Quraan to see what will

happen next, then I will go join prophet Noah's boat, like a war jounalist I

shall report to you about this historical event, I can't wait to see the

animals boarding this boat without attacking each other, a great lesson I can relay

back to the Somali Tribal Bigots.


Captain Guure: fii amaanillah my prayers for your success. May Allah be with you.



In the next episode, Nur will be going down the hill and will be going down to

the village to see the huge boat under construction and tour the local town,

the people of Noah have one thing in common with Somalinet General Discusions viewers

of the secular persuation, they would rather close their eyes like Basra

said before and not read Nur's posts, and would wear ear muffs in order not to

hear good advice.


Prophet Noah and Nur have few things in common, thing in common, They want to

save their people, most of their people would not accept to come on board of

the ship, Noah's ark and Nur's NURTEL Comminications. Prophet Noah has

more patience than Nur, more resilience , Nur wants to learn great lessons form

Noah in order to help people in the next episode.


The next episode will be very interesting, bring a chair and enjoy reading with

your family. Nur Posts are family friendly.



NURTEL Communications

Reaching and Teaching, one Somali at a time

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Nuurow saaxib are you able to salvage the thread that you entitled "a letter to the warlord" from that rathole known as somalinet (munaafuqnet)?

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Here is the Fictitious Letter to My Fictitious Chief.



The following is a piece of my creative writings, it has fragments of facts that many Somalis can relate to, but overall the story was meant to create a discussion on our tribal allegiances and affiliations, sore wound in our national dilemma.


Please take it with a grain of salt as you read, I meant it as a humorous treatment of a scourge that has taken a toll in our lives, so ponder and contemplate, a mind once expanded with an idea, can never be contained.






Letter to the Clan's Chief ( Fiction Category)



Dear Chief, I consider myself a customer for your services and I consider you a service provider, I need to reevaluate our relationship in light of past performance, present situation, and future expectations.


Because unless you show me a value for continuing in doing business with you, I may have to find a better service provider to meet my needs, I can not justify the present relationship.


You see Chief, in the past, when we lived in the Qurac Dheer Baadiye, your organization provided our family with security and protection services, and my dad always paid his dues on time whenever the Qaaraan colection man came over, our family even paid more than its dues when my brother Cag Bakayle died while raiding reer Qansax, because we learned early in our childhood that our Reer Qurac were the best, others were animals and ****** , so as we grew up, we developed this macho attitude of getting infuriated if anyone talked about Reer Qurac in unbefitting way, those Reer Qansax rascals got more than what they bargained for when they raided our vilage and robbed our 25 camels, not only did we take 100 camels back as a revenge, but we also took 5 virgin girls and killed twenty of their men, we only lost my brother and two young boys.


When we moved to the city, I became confused, I could not understand the logic behind tiny pieces of squre plots of land being sold, I hated living next door to reer Qansax, but city dwellers were too friendly to each other, because they did not have camels and land to defend like our land.


In Qurac Dheer, our land was as far as our eyes can see and our guns can defend, even more surprising was the fact that some city people were selling in the shops the nuts we used to eat freely as kids for money.


In the big city, We lived with uncle Rooble who was working as a night guard for Ugaas Hassan's grand son who was a rich man in the city. Soon, an uncivilized war broke out and we migrated to Canada were upon arrival, I felt like I was in a dream world.


In Canada, we were given a house, healthcare, education and security, I could'nt believe the kindness of these white people. They were exceptionally kind and gentle, something I have never seen from our neigbors Reer Qansax. These gaalo were so kind to us, to the point that when we were in the reception houses in Buffalo N.Y. these Christian nuns would even serve us breakfast, for free, can you imagine that they were not even related to Reer Qurac, but they were very nice.


For the past decade, we sent a lot of the money we were supposed to spend in food to you, Dahabshiil made a fortune in the Xawaaladda, we did that so we can help our folks back home with the tough times, but, honestly, I do not see an accountability for what I am sending to you, no reports, no progress and no hope.


I feel that I am sending money to the void. I was even dismayed when rumors circulated that our Chief is trading with our money in Dubai for his pesonal use, If our Toronto Mayor does the same, he would be sent to jail, it even hurt me more that you are well aware of our tribesmen plight and suffering in the Qurac Dheer vilage.


Chief, what I want to know is how do you add value to our lives here in Canada now that the public welfare has supported our family and provides us with protection? I am also tired defending my tribe on the net when these Reer Qansax insult my tribe, at times my blood boils so much, I feel like grapping the rascals head inside the Somalinet Pages were he smears our tribes name day in and day out, but again, I feel ashamed of defending a fad.


Chief, I am not denying that I grew up in that village, so do not pull one of your famous ( Tolkaa miyaad ka dhantahay" line, because our Sheikhs here in Toronto taught us that Allah is the one who saved us, not the Qabiil.


I must admit that I do have nostalgic memories as a kid , running in the open savannah chasing baby camels, but look Xaaji, how far apart we have grown, both intellectually and in terms of distance.


Frankly, if I come back to our village, I would not be able to live without the amenities that I found here in Canada, the least of which is a hot brewed coffee and my maple syrup covered pancakes. I also value my life here and now more than before, I can think of hundred things I can do with my life instead of risking it fighting for the tribe to which I have lost my sense of belonging. So, do you have a new value proposition to support the current relationship? Or putting it differently, does the King still has some clothes?






Cag Biciid Junior.



2003 NURTEL NEETWORKS, All Rights reserved

Fiction Category.

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While Somalinet members are trying to figure out what happened to u, u were just hiding down here smile.gif


I know Somalinet is somewhat a crazy place but honestly Bro. your work is truly missed there. U were the voice of sanity there.

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Beerlula sis


you write;


" While Somalinet members are trying to figure out what happened to u, u were just hiding down here"



That is right sis, so don't tell on me (lool), this place is like family, bring all of your good freinds here for the Ramadaan halaqah.




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Not to worry Nur, your secret hideout is safe with me.


Insha Allah, will hijack a very bored Somalineters and bring them to the peaceful land of somaliaonliners.

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Allah u baahne bro


Since you have not read my writeps, this one is one of the oldest posts (4 years), when I was a regular at Snet before my defection to SOL.

Initially I wanted to complete the series by beginning with Prophet Noah all the way to the Hegira and the Islamic era, but I gave up due to time constraints.



Rayaana sis


Where is sister Lateefah?



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Brother Nur, I realy salute your all-time high creativity for making such an stimulating fictitious stories. :D Waxaan ku qoslay, when you asked shankaroon's name, and she responded that her actual name was shuun. ehehehehe.


War ninyahow gacan baan kuu taagay!


By the way, I used to visit in with the nick Caydiid. I remember sending constant emails to that Gaal called Mad Mac in defense of Islam and Somali, and it was sometime in 2001, I guess. But anyway, I realy enjoy your intriguing and skilful writings. Jizaakalaah for drawing us some laughters. lol

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Asalamalaykum Nur


May Allah bless you Brother. You truly are a light in the darkness.


I just saw this thread for the first time, don't even know how old it is.


This is me Lateafah smile.gif

I've been away for quite a while, lurking around every now and then but not posting. But I thought to say salam to you Nur and everyone else.


FeeAmanaAllah, and Congrats on earning the title "moderator" I think you deserve it smile.gif .


May Allah continue to guide you and all muslims ameen. I'm glad you left that place you reffered as "somalinet".

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Mujahida sis


May Allah bless you sis, and congratulations, I just learned that you haved tied the knot, my prayers for you, your lucky hubby and may Allah create from your souls more good souls like you to populate the planet and worship Allah SWT.



As a gift, may I repost the poem that i put together for you when you were hurt by the bad material you came across.






When Honey tastes sour


When Flowers smell bad


When Silk feels rough


When Truth hurts


When Virtue is despised


When honesty makes you poor


When studying makes you a nerd


When helping the poor makes you a leftist


When Listening To Quran is not pleasant


When Holding to your faith feels like holding to a piece of fire



Yaa ukhtaah!



It is not the honey, its sick taste buds


It is not the Flowers, it is an allergy


It is not the silk, its your rough finger tips


It is not the truth, it is evil doing that hurts


It is not the virtue, it is the Vice that is despised


It is not the honesty, it is dishonesty that makes you morally poor


It is not the Quran, it is a warped perception


It is not your faith that hurts when you hold on to it, its punishment in the day of judgment that really hurts. (Low kaanuu yaclamuun)




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