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Hopes and fears Surviving Somalia

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ilaahow umadeena soomaaliyeed u gar gaar.





Hopes and fears


I have five children in all. The two youngest, who are boys, stay with my sister elsewhere in Mogadishu.

Some of our cousins live in the top floor of this house.


I really hope the new government which has been formed in Kenya will succeed but I fear it will collapse like the others.




#2 Mortar attack


Two years after my husband was killed, our house was hit by a mortar during fighting in Mogadishu.

My eldest daughter Hibo, 16, lost a leg and my middle daughter Hibaq, 10, lost an eye.


The doctors wanted to amputate Hibo's other leg, too but we refused. Her leg still hurts her but we think that's better than not having any legs.


I am just able to afford to send both girls to school.




#3 University



"I really enjoy going to school, especially English and Arabic.


I would like to teach Arabic but would need to go to university first.


I am not sure if this will be possible without a government.


I hope the government can make schools free. It's really embarrassing when teachers ask for money in the middle of class


#4Sent home


Hibaq, who lost her eye.

My daughters have both been sent home from school because I could not pay the fees.


Once I was unable to pay for a whole month.


It costs $7 a month for each girl to go to their private, Somali-run school.


Without a government, our school certificates are not recognised abroad. Even here, some schools don't accept certificates from rival education groups.



# 5 Malaria is a big problem for us - that's why we sleep under mosquito nets but we still get bitten.

If we do get sick, I try and avoid paying the $3 it costs to see a doctor at hospital.


If it's malaria, I just go to the pharmacy and ask for drugs.


If it's something else, sometimes I just ask for painkillers and hope that works.



Brothers and sisters


Apart from the money we get from our relatives, our only income comes from selling tea on the street corner outside our house.

We all take it in turns to work one evening after another.


I urge all the warlords to support the new government.


Somalis are all brothers and sisters from the same race.


All we need is to be treated equally whatever clan we come from.





We get water from some of our neighbours, who give it to us for free. They have a well.

The first thing the new government must do is restore security.


Then they can start rebuilding the infrastructure, like government buildings, the airport, the police force and the port.





my youngest daughter, Mulki, 8.

I don't think there should be an investigation into who did what during the war. There must be forgiveness for the past.


But despite all our problems, we can still live together again. That happens all over the world.



alot people argue we don't need peace couse we don't now who is suvring for this exsampl Qab qablayaasha they don't care who is deing and who want to live.


to see the pictures and more stories about our poor nation go to this link

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