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Umm al_khair

biggest rapper reverted to Islam(Napolean)

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Salaamu Aleeykum


You know i listened to that lecture like 10 times...subhanna Allah, anyone who has a little tiny clean spot in his heart must get affected by it. We actually got an audio only version of it, burned it on CD's and gave them out at the Eid prayer....walaahi i encourage everyone to do the same, it won't even cost you much to buy the cd's and burn them and give them out....


The sad thing is that many of our Somali youth are turning to the streets....i understand when the African Americans did it as in many cases they were forced into it, but these Somali youngsters who are turning to the streets are not hungry or poor, their families have money to feed them and cloth them and even spoil them, but then they end up getting in petty crimes, for what?


I really think the issue the brother raised is having role models and the youth is missing that in their lives. Yeah it might be identity crisis, but it is also lack of role models....when you know you have great people that you look up to, you'll always think about the long term goals you have to be somewhere close to that icon that you look up to.... If you look up to 2pak and Biggie, I pray to Allah you don't get gunned down while preparing to gun down someone else...


Seriously, i ask everyone to do as little as they can to make a difference in the youth's lives, you don't even have to form organizations and stuff, just focus at the youngsters in your home, your neighbors, anyone young you know of.. The reward is with Allah, so imagine the multiplicity...!!


Fii Amaani'Laah

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^true! Remember, this issue of the youth came up in our conversation earlier on today too. It's quite sad really.


Though I never knew this former rapper, subhanallah, I'm very impressed with him Masha'Allah; very inspiring journey. His love and attachment to Islam and Allah SWT is ever more visible on his face. May Allah increase him in knowledge and reward him for his efforts.


Daacis like him could truly make a huge difference in the lives our youth in diaspora today.

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