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Abdullahi Yusuf is the winner

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You're asking me what would I call something that uses the old enemy to beat his brother's head! That's changing the subject. We're not talking about what I or you would call him today.

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Originally posted by Ms Dhucdhuc & Dheylo:

SO lets say he pacifies Muqdishu...would people want the war to continue in order to kick the Ethiopians out?


I wonder what would people of Muqdishu would like?

1- peace under dictator/occupiers



As an average Caasho cadeey living in Suuqaha Bokaaraha, I would choose peace under any circumstances. It is very easy for us (with all our security and jobs) to condemn. Put yourself in their position.

You misfired there to say the least Dhucdhuc.


Remember Muqdisho was already peaceful under the Union of the Islamic courts up to the point where the occupiers came.


They kicked out these same warlords like Col. Qaybdiid and Mohamed dheere, now they are back. They were the trouble makers in Muqdisho previously. They were the ones who looted, killed, raped, not the people. If the people are left alone, they will get along and they will strive to better governance, in this case they prefer the ICU, and that is what they are willing to fight to get it back.

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Ngonge, lol are you scared that you will given a label and put in a box in Political SOL discussion. Okay i won't press on.

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