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SOMALILAND: President Silaanyo to address Chatham House

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Republic of Somaliland is a stable and peaceful democracy . In contrast to the problems of the south of Somalia, Somaliland has made progress in establishing the basis for economic growth and lasting peace, in spite of its failure to gain recognition as an independent state.


President Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud 'Silanyo' has been President of Somaliland since his election in July 2010. He will speak about his plans for Somaliland and the country's regional role.


The President will discuss the opportunities presented by Somaliland and will reflect on the peaceful transfer of power after July's successful elections.


President Silanyo previously served as Minister of Finance in Somaliland and is leader of the Kulmiye party.


Non-members and interested individuals should apply to Tighisti Amare. All applications must be made by email. Places are limited and Chatham house reserves the right to restrict access without notice or explanation. Attendees may be required to present photo identification at any time..



Friday 26 November 2010 13:30 to 14:30



Chatham House, London



HE Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud Silanyo, President of Somaliland

Chair: Lord Triesman



Somaliland's Prospects

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Back then, Riyaleh looked absent minded and as reading from a script, in one of those elections related "ictiraaf" trips.


My remark had to do with the absence of a neutral atmosphere for a proper debate, as many locals from Awdal, SSC etc, including Hargeysa natives, were not keen on separatism:



"Q: There are a lot of people from disputed territorial areas who would like a

healthy debate across Somaliland and Somalia. What can you do to encourage



A: 97 percent of people who voted in a referendum approved that Somaliland

should be free from Somalia, so this debate has already taken place."



Somaliland’s Role in the Stability of the Horn of Africa, President Dahir Rayale Kahin of Somaliland, Friday 6 March 2009

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JB what people voted? You are saying you had an internationally monitored referendum? Or are you talking about the Burco in the triangle conference that only had a select few people vote and not the entire population? Even your selections didn't have ballot boxes go to every corner that you claim to have a right over.


Surely you dont think that is acceptable by international law?

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^^ Whatever reply he gave you would not really matter, would it? :D


97% was the magic number. Do you know how that was arrived at?

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Waar inta aan Vedeo iyo Photos la gaadhin. Mr Jacaylbro, please bal waxaad na tustaa the source of the news that Adeero Siilaanyo will address to Catham House!

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