Saana maxee ahayd

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Xasan Socdaal really doesn't care about midnimo and wadajir Soomaaliyeed. Wuxuu ku dhaartay Quraanka Kariimka gacanta u saaray hal kama aaminsana. Dowladnimada dhan wuxuu ka dhigay, 'Aree xaa cunnaa aniga iyo reerkeyga.'

Otherwise he wouldn't have allowed blatant moves disregarding and disrespectful to Soomaali unity periodically done by ninkaan ku magacaaban ra'iisul wasaare ku xigeen. He is an open secessionist, xataa Laascaanood isku dadaaya cunaqabateen ka saaro hay'adaha gargaarka.


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Jawaare should be in age care, he has no competence left, 

HSM is double agent working for external forces

100% this group is death to Somali Republic, if not removed 

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