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Somaliland: A New Company to Provide Gas

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Hargeisa (Somalilandpress, Jan 13th, 2008); Somalilanders anvailed a new private company called SomGas which will be providing natural gas to the residents of the country. The company which is the first of its kind in Somaliland has opened its doors yesterday with the presence of the President, Dahir Rayaale Kahin.


"It took two years and half to make this happen and we travelled more than eight countries in order to buy products and equipments" said the general manager of the company, Mr. Abdikarim. "Due to the lack of expertise in Somaliland, we had to go several countries and make sure the good quality of the equipment and product” concluded Mr. Abadikarim.


The Somaliland President who officially opened the company said it is a step forward in order to protect the environment and an alternative source of fuel to wood-burning and charcoal. The president called on the Somaliland community to protect the environment and stop using the charcoal and cutting the trees. "We will not allow another company of this kind until we see the benefit of this one” Said the President.


Cutting the trees in order to produce a charcoal was one of the main environmental problems in Somaliland. Civil society, the government and the experts are working continuously to make sure this will stop but this is the first time that such company is opening its doors to give a good opportunity to the Somaliland residents to get an alternative to the traditional way of using the charcoal.


The challenge to this is the price and how people are mobilized in order to understand the usage of the natural gas. If the price is cheap people can afford to buy the gas and get rid of the old ways of cooking.

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