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Israel launches plan to Judaize Jerusalem

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Israel decided to allocate almost $1.5 billion to develop Jewish areas in Jerusalem after a new report showed that the growing Arab community in the city could overtake the Jewish population.


Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said at a special cabinet meeting marking 40 years since what Israel calls the "reunification" of Jerusalem that the government is going to a series of plans to develop the city.


The approved measures include tax cuts to encourage public investment, moving all government offices to Jerusalem, building a new court complex and a new center for Jerusalem studies.


Israel seized East Jerusalem in 1967, and annexed the area is 1981 in a move not recognized by the international community.


Uri Lupolianski, Jerusalem mayor told the cabinet session that the city's Jewish population should be strengthened.


"The demographic problem is a very difficult one for us. According to statistics, even though we talk about Jewish sovereignty, Jerusalem may not remain for eternity under Jewish leadership and sovereignty," Lupolianski said.


"Jerusalem might fall in the hands of Hamas which knows that it doesn't have to conquer Jerusalem by war but through demographic means. Hamas knows that within 12 years it could take over Jerusalem through the demography," he claimed.


The number of Arabs in Jerusalem is said to have grown twice as fast as its Jewish population over the past decade, according to an Israeli research institute.


The Arab population has grown by 257 percent from 68,000 to 245,000 in the past 40 years, while the number of Jews has risen by 140 percent from 200,000 to 475,000, said the Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies.


“Tightening the noose around Palestinians”

Last week, the Israeli government announced plans to build three new Jewish neighborhoods in Arab East Jerusalem, an area considered occupied under international law.


The plan, under which 20,000 new homes would be built for Jewish settlers, is aimed at creating a contiguous Jewish residential area linking East Jerusalem with major West Bank settlement blocs.


Palestinian leaders strongly denounced the Israeli plan.


“The Israeli government must choose between settlements and peace. They can not have both,” Palestinian chief negotiator said.


The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Sheikh Mohammad Al-Mufti also said the planned construction is part of a wider Israeli plan to Judaize Jerusalem and kick the Palestinians out of it.


"The occupation authorities have been buildings thousands of construction units while tightening the noose around the Palestinians with construction of the racial separation wall and imposition of heavy taxes,” Sheikh Mufti said.


About 260,000 Jewish settlers and 2.5 million Palestinians live in the West Bank. The World Court has branded all Israeli settlements as illegal.


Moreover, settlement expansion and construction in the occupied West Bank violate a U.S.-backed Israeli-Palestinian peace plan known as the "road map", which calls for an independent state for the Palestinians.


-- AJP and Agencies



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^^Ha, you mean Ethiopia can learn a lot from Israel, as to how to settle more Ethiopians in Somalia soil. They’re almost have way finished.


Somalia is worse than Palestine, at least the Palestinians didn't betray themselves, even thou their Arab brethrens had betrayed them just like some of our Somali brethrens have betrayed Somalia.

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Originally posted by TheSomaliEconomist:

I think we can learn lot from Israel in terms of attracting diaspora ppl back to Somalia.

But god didn't say in the bible that he gave Somalia to us as a favour. But apparently God told Menelik and Hailesallese that the Indian ocean and Southern Somalia was part of greater Ethiopia. Also i remember correctly the international community(imperialist agents) gave the Somali region of Ocadenia to Ethiopa a year after they gave Palestine to Israel. Both have resisting occupations, gross human rights abuses and the erosion of the freedom to live as human beings for over 50 years. But tell me something does Ethiopia love the Somalis in Muqdisho more than the ones in Ocadenia? How come Gabre Dilla is not "liberating them"?

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