Omar Geelle never promoted the Somali culture or language before or now.

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One thing former American president Donald Trump tought as is what he called the " Fake News". Events might not reflect as they have been reported by the media somethimes. The hard hitting investigative journalism of last century is dead. For example 90% of Somali Youtube chanels are all fake news. Some will show you  just pictures and narrate things without any facts.

Now the latest news from Mogadishu is even more fake than they apear.

The God forsaken city is totally shut down for hours due to the arraival Djibouti despot Omar Geelle. It is not only the road leading from the airport to the Villa, but the whole neighborhood and the green zone (Baghdad style) is closed from public, motor vehicles, Bajaaj and even donkeys carrying firewood.

We have been told that Omar Geelle the great promotor of Somali language and culture is in town to inaugurate the opening of accademy for the promotion of Somali language. For those of us who know one or two things about Geelle and Djibouti, this is nothing but a well thought strategy to mislead the guilible residents of that town and take advatage of the Somali leadership trying to gain some badly needed ftreinds. 

Now, in order to refute this claim of Omar Geelle promoting the Somali language, let me present my reasons:

1-The Somali language isn't the official language of the Republic of Djibouti nor its working language.

The official working language of Djibouti is French. People could speak Anfari, Somali, Arabic and so on , but the official language of the state is French.

2-Djibouti doesn't have news papaers written in Somali language.

It has a government paper called Le Nazione which published in French. Why a government prestending to promot Somali language couldn't publish one single news paper in Somali? Compare that to Hargeisa where half dozen papers are published dialy or weekly. There is Jamuuriya, Damal, Haatuf and others in Hargeisa streets every day or weekly. In Somaliland, huge book fairs are presented in Hargeisa and Borama every year which attracts thousands of people. Add that to the poets, composers and other singers who make our language rich. None of that exixts in Djibouti today. Years ago, there used to be some composers and playwright community members in Djibouti, but today, they either dead or are in exile.

3- Djibouti schools do not teach their children Somali language as a second language. There is no opportunity for Djibouti youth to master their language and literature in their schools. The people of Djibouti has rich original Somali , but that is lost in the city, and there is no venue to teach the literature of the language. 

All these and many other reasons indicate that despot Geelle has no intention of promoting the Somali language. In terms of culture, he doesn't hold any deep rooted Somali culture or tradition. He forced his son in law to divorce his dauther by force against tradition and Islamic faith while welcoming foreiners to wed among his family. Compare this to Jaale Siyaad (Allah ha u naxariiste). One of the sons of Siyaad Barre (Hassan Rubeti) who went to scholarship in eastern Europe, had befreinded and marreied a Checkoslavakia woman. When he came back to home and told Jaale Siyaad, he told him: Waar gabdhihii Soomaaliyeed oo dalka wax guursada raba miyaad naag ajaanib ah guursanaysaa?, waar aniga la i odhan maayo madaxweynaha wiilashiisii baa gabdhihhi Soomalida iska dhaafay oo Ajaanib guursanaya.

Wiilasheyda qudbadii Jaale Siyaad ayaan u jeediyaa: waaryaada, naag Ajaanib ha ii keenina xataa haday Pakistani iyo Carab tahay. anigu gabadh Soomaaliyeed wax aanan ahayn kuma ducaynayo.

He is doing all these for public relations and propoganda purposes to promote his family and pave the way for one of his children for power. He is overweight, sick and old, which means he will be trasnfering power soon to one of his childrens. In order to make the transition easy for the coming illegal action, he is building fake bridges among the Somali leaders, especially the southern Somalis who probably know nothing beyond Mogadishu. It is difficult for someone born and raised in southern Somalia to understand, Djibouti, Sanaag or Jigjiga.

So, now Mogadishu has invited Geelle to promote a language that doesn't exist in his own back yard. 

For that is another fake news.

WAxa wadada laagu jeexayaa warlord Sadiq John and company.


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