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Facts and Figures: STD in general

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Facts: -Today, there are many types of infections that are spread through sex.

-These infections are called Sexually Transmitted Diseases or STD.

-Some are easily cured, but others can seriously damage your health.

-They can affect your ability to have children and can cause cancer.

-There is no cure for STD’s like warts, herpes or HIV.

-In Canada, a teenager is nine times more likely to get an STD than adult (30-39).

-The birth control pill protects against pregnancy, not STD.

-Use the pill and the condom together to protect you against STD and pregnancy.


TYPES OF STD: -Chlamydia


-Vaginitis /vaginal discharge

-Yeast infection


-Bacterial vaginosis

-Pubic lice and scabies

-Genital herpes

-Genital warts (HPV)

-Hepatitis b




SYMPTOMS: (People with STD may or may not have any symptoms.)

-Different or heavier discharges from the vagina.

-Burning feeling when urinating (peeing).

-Sores or itching, particularly in the genital or anal areas

-Appearance of a rash.




-Having unprotected sex.

-Your partner has or has had an STD.

-You have a new sex partner or multiple partners.

-You share needles for drugs, body piercing or tattoos.

STD CAN BE SPREAD IN MANY WAYS. It is usually spread through sex because the bacteria or viruses travel in the semen, the vaginal fluids and blood. Saliva or spit can

Sometimes spread STD if you have a tiny cut in or around your mouth. Coming in contact with infected blood on needles and syringes can also spread STD. A women infected with STD can pass it to her baby during the pregnancy or at childbirth. There is no vaccination against STD except in the case of Hepatitis B and condoms although they can protect you most of the time, can also break or not be sufficient if not put on properly.




-If you decide to become sexually active or thinking about it remember always use a condom at all times, do not give in to pressure.

-Because knowledge is power, read more about STD’s and inform yourself.

-Take your health at heart and take care of yourself.

-Communicate with your partner, inform him to about STD.

-Choose one sex partner instead of multiple partners.





Protection is the best prevention


Allah told us in the Quran that we shouldn’t even be near to (sinna) or unlawful sex whether we know the person that we are having sex with or not.


Remember the Hadith of the prophet Mohamed Aleihi Salam:

“O youths whoever can afford should get marry, if you can’t then you should fast, because it lower your gaze and reduce your sexual desire”


Please and please brothers and sisters don’t loose your life for 3 minutes. I guess you know what I mean.


I have seen a healthy looking Somali bro and sisters who are (HIV) positive. They are with us, among us with a mission that is to spreading the desease for whatever reason.


Posted by: Bro. Jabarti


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