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Alhmadulillah I'm Muslim!

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Asalama Caleeykum


I get Paid. Good deeds when my forhead is laid.

I get Ajir each time I pray fajir

Each time I pray Duhur, I get purer*

When I get set for Aasir, I feel more Nasib!

Comes Maqrib, Thinking one more prayer I can't forfeit

Follow the teaches of the Prophet(PBUH),

I pay my last dues of the day and pray Isha!..


I read the Holy Quran

Save Some Duas for the Dead & the ones living in struggle*

Each bite they get comes from within the Hustle!

I wear Islamic clothings and grow my beard not to be in a tussle.

I'm not dangerous I'm just how I anger gets,

Hard to be how an angel is,

I'm just humanbeing place all your bets,

Don't Blame Islam because of Me(the Muslim)

I make mistakes and Islam has no flaws that's how the love goes!

Purposly step on my toes and my fist my tauch your nose!

But if your all for Peace,

You can trust that I am the one to bring it with more Ease!

You see, all my life I've been search it for the Middle East*

For years and years I couldn't get out from the belly of the Beast!

Istaqfurullah I shouldn't be this cheesed,

Oh Allah, The Protecter and Creater of All Creations,

Only you can help us with our needs!

With all my Heart I truly do Believe

This is a Test for those who can help,

But who are being held back due to skipping Heart Beats!

It's for us to realize life not so cheap!

Innocent dying in their sleep or in prayer blown from their heels

This ills, this truly kills, blood spills

I know even the cold hearted can relate on how it feels

We can't watch no more, even in Ramadan we're still at War?

Why can't this Invade just leave my Door?

We got the point now, this is more than settle a score!

..Someone explain this atrocity to me!

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