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Blood Bath

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Tell me something love, why you hate me so much?

Always on my tale hoping I fail like a rusty clutch

Say I came to you with an upset stomach holding a heavy grudge!

So you say you're not welcome to stay!

Shut the door on my face & I look down with disgrace

Always out to kick my *** when I'm trying to tie my show lace

You know -you will pay!-

sooner or latter I'm chopping down your ladder

Get you for having me go through another Great Depression case!

Not many get this or understand the simple pace

So lets get BOLD, have the truth unfold

Open your eyes no need to be living with a Blindfold!

The plan is cold, double check if your soul is sold

Won't beat you around the Bush, Insha'Allah you don't fail to make each prayer call*

Your Faith is being blamed to be at Fault!

And your Country is occupied by the ears on the Wall*

Letting each other fall in bloodbath & many eyes get ready to ball

Know your freedom is on hold


Creative how it was done

Simple enough to be applied by the dumb*

I compose this for fun* if you don't like it your girl could kiss my gun*


Now be open minded and use your imagination

Look back to your Nation

Now look at now what your facing

Depression birthing aggression



cajis bixin iyo nus*...

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Stuck on stup*d like I've been shot by cupid*

I predict it to be hectic like the hellfire for the addicted

90's to Now, it's my livelihood they wreck with

The Baby is dying, the Mother is crying,

While the Father is fighting

And the Sister is trying to embrace a Brother like me to be Defiant*

So I could be the power in the Jungle like a Lion

So I open-up a book

Read the worlds hidden history in one look

Flip the page to my nook

Same way dinners is being made, Crack is being cooked

Someone please tell Mr. Obama this story that once again I got booked

For fitting the description looking like Mr President*

But they won't get me to arch and bend,

Beat up the Boss, so he knows I'm far from the one to condescend

Truth was written but hidden from those who never befriend the pen...

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It's domestic a cluster couldn't be figured by the top detective

So I speak on a blood bath prospective, could careless if you reject my objective

All I'm saying is feed ya' self, share if you got the wealth, unity should let us tie the belt

Your worst pain is how I felt, when I heard your hunger, as you died by the number I couldn't help but wonder

How helpful can I be through this summer, next comes spring that falls into winter; and will I continue to be a supporter?

Thoughts that got me seething like forgotten pots making me drop these words I'm not out to make a charter

All I want is me you to be us for the sake of our dignity, community, unity, culture, religion & rights to gain back out massive property.


I know your sick and tired from truck driving, taxi driving, warehouse working, heavy duty lifting crazy hours make you wanna cry for energy

Next day same situation from yesterday except little less sleep today, greeting back is a task so you knot ain't got nothing to say

No joy there goes bliss don't ask for a smile it's like I rather greet you with a fist, working hard thinking smart yet ending with depressing art

I look my life behind a drawing part by part, years down the line minus the ones that passed, all the favors i got and all the ones I've asked

How many I called dear friends while they wore a mask? it's life that has a date with death and I'm just a carrier doing his task-

My mistakes I fix fast, so don't tell me twice once annoying enough to hear about my past is what you thinking through your invisible glass


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9months or less, we all came out from a womb


Grew aware fast, there's God & Angels along with the Devil that's to be doomed


Mistakes happen if you repeat them than you're running out of your psychological room


No space in your mind to figure any consideration for Humanity nor for Peace anytime soon


You say your Muslim yet you fear to listen the reality that got you under submission


Giving up hope giving up your grip on your survival rope feeling fixed part of a forceful plantation


United Nation, divided Immigration only means multi-nations working under one segregation


We all ill to heal, die for peace, sleep to rest work to gain yet became patients of our own patience


Power is in the mind the heart speaks all it needs in due time we divide out the fear of death yet never sure of our last breath brave be helpful.

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