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General Duke

10 random Poems by Duke

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Gen Duke is right, we should keep our sentiments about Duke the person out of this section.


The Poems are honestly great! keep them up. But post one about a man who squeezed himself into a tiny baby underwear when he could have slipped into a big alxalaaf.

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Love is


Love is in your face,

it's being next to you in your place,

it's the long awaited rain

what men seek but seldom gain.


Love is the way you make everything alright,

the reason you are always on top without a fight.

Being reassured and held tight,

encouraged to overcome any fright


Love is the happiness that's worth,

the beating hearts of us both.


It's the way loneliness is overcome by truth,

how I feel for you is its proof.

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Walaalo, if you can't combine a beautiful poems just like brother GD did, then shut the *** up

it seems you are being jealous of his talent


by the way if you think you've better poems bring it on then, I bet other solers would agree with me

let us be the judges


Soomaalideena waxaa ka buuxi dad badan who can't be happy for the talents those among us have


if someone writes, they criticize, if they put a poem together which is one of the hardest things to do being non-native English speaker and all

yet they criticize, God! why can't they be happy for the individual who put a lot of hard work into it, may be they are writting it from the heart and going through some phases in life

Rudy I have been annoyed by your lame comment

Grow up man!!!!!!!!!

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Have no shame

That body has changed

Yet beautiful, the face remains


Don’t be fooled by glitter,

it’s still the same game

played at a different pace

A little secret, your touch,

still makes the heart race


Corrupted souls shall burn,

in that fire, that flame.


Stay out of my way,

no need to call out my name

Give me time and space

No promise my feelings,

will remain the same


Looking to the false dreams

the ways and means

To make life a little better,

than it seems.

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To my daughter


The simplest truth,

The best things in life are free,

You are the truest reflection of me.


You who are heaven sent

Strange that you have that pride,

And my hot temperament


The blood in your vains,

Will no doubt cause you some trouble,

However they will assist in overcoming the pain

In pursuit of your goals I hope you always gain.


As I gaze in your eyes I feel rather wise,

You are my life’s greatest surprise.


Those with the same name that come,

After you, will never compare

You are the first of my line and to my

Heart you are forever rare.

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Originally posted by General Duke:

^^^Thanks Rudy,
I know all those big terms and word play, must have confused the hell out of you.

JOWWWWWW!! icon_razz.gif

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Iska daafa hawdgal


Haa internetka dhexdees bood boodowye

marun baan banaanka ka heli


alam deh alam garin deh

goodireho rug deh balow deh

baar baxey deh ala ladaneeye laanta miyaan laga!

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