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General Duke

10 random Poems by Duke

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Falsehood in iron bars


Street thug that resembles me

Don’t bend the truth

No need to hold falsehood in iron bars

The old fable states always avoid false starts


Witness to demonic street chases

I despise them

These raged, hungry pitiful souls

And their expressionless dirty faces


Cold, bloodied and cloaked in that shroud

As the titans heavily clash in the clouds

Terrified of the dark crowd, unable to turn

Let alone scream aloud


Lacking color or that sweet surprise

The pain and suffering in her eyes

Indicate that it’s the usual

So don’t waste time

In getting what was once mine


Pathetic relic of a past age

There is no hidden meaning to this rage

Its clear her lack of faith will keep us chained

Keep staring into my brown eyes

My hatred for you is deep

No longer do I want it disguised


Numb and motionless in this rat race

While your master smiles

Content from a distance

For ever in that safe place

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Somali Girl:


I met you

Did not think much of you


I ignored you

For the life of me I wanted no piece of you


I avoided you

As if you had the plague in you


I faked every smile I sent you

Relief came over me as I walked away from you


I denied you

When ever someone asked about you


I heard you

Sweetest sound , coming from you


I saw you

My eyes were opened to the beauty that is you


I want you

Counting down the seconds till I meet you


To my ever lasting surprise

You took my heart and left my soul mesmerized

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You disgust me, getoutofhere you poet you.


Seriously though, that's really good mA. Why are you posting on these sad deserted corners of SOL? Find a more worthy medium, mate.

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Hey GD bro,


What a beautiful poems! the 2nd one is understandable who its intended for but the first one? is it for our homeland Somalia? or for the lady,

anywho they are beautiful

by the way are you a writer?

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Without you my life is directionless,

you are my North, my East, my West

you are life at its best.


As I sit and wonder about my shining star,

and from my heart you are never far.


I hope you do forgive:

For I can not forget.

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An old poem of mine...




If I were poet


I would write a thousand lines,

explain the intersection of time.

In simplicity I would resolve the issue of the day.


If I were poet, I would be revolutionary like the Sayid and as cool as Khalif.

A peace maker, who would resolve this never ending grief.


I would try and convey the majesty of the word,

In one line one great rhyme.


If I were a poet, fruitful debates would endure

I would strive for no acclaim and hope for no reward.


If I were a poet, these words would touch your heart.

Give hope to those who struggle,

for them a guiding light in the dark.

Remind all that truth has no equal,

and love has no sequel.


If I were a poet, I would compose that endless verse,

it would have no room for hate,

and contain no curse.


In my poetry, every Somali would be heroic,

our women beautiful and they would know it,

my words would transcend region and clan,

they would be pure and you would understand.


If I were a poet, I would endear love and make people see,

that this is our time, the time for you and me.

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Originally posted by General Duke:

In my poetry every Somali would be heroic

My words would transcend region and clan

We pray God turn you into a wonderful poer when dawn breaks tommorrow, so this clan malady you suffer from leaves you forever!

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Is it genetic to be so poetic?

the words they spin,

the creativity is it hereditary?


Can a poet explain pain?

Can he fathom the logic of the insane?


Hoping is a poet’s desire ,

rationalizing the irrational is his fire .


Words are his ammunition,

a poet contemplates no competition.


Visions are what poets see,

the days, the nights and what’s in between.


Is a poet romantic or is that getting too dramatic


Now a poet must be a lover

To his loved one there is no other


A poet is a possibility of the arts

So rare are poets it’s hard to start


Now its time for a new poet

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No, seriously, the poems are great. But the message in the last one is coming from the wrong person.


You know you are becoming repetitive on the fame one. Please come with something new. yes, I want to be famous. But please something new.

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