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Demand to Recall...

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Word is bond


Watch how I bubble this poem to form a foam


Blood path where I'm from,


Future is totally torn,


No promise for the new BORN!


B52 dropping the Bomb!


Even made Al-Jazeera go deff and dumb,

Couldn't hear the Gun Storm!


Where I'm from, find solution with the Gun!


Mother protecting her Son,

From hunger or from the gun fires that Burn!


Hearing all that, made my life take a drastic Turn!


So this is my Demanding

I'm not even at where I'm standing

Pivot toe to toe with famine


I'm not even at where I'm standing

Far from the truth, all the artificials I be planing!



I'm Not where I'm suppose to be,


Far away from the fact that be standing soo close to me!


TV showing BBC broad casting lies,


So I seek and see, how I ain't really free


Keep my eye on the ball,

close to the edge trying not to fall!


Killing my all, my soil and soul...


Demand me to die for my soil and save my soul


Reaching hell fire ain't hard at all!...

no it ain't.


So ask yourself, what are you living for!????


Next meal, Next pay, Next life?



Demand we all stand TALL!...4get Qabiil Money is Politics.






None Understand This, It's Like They've All Gone Brandish!

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Non Understand This, It's LIke They've All Gone Brandish!


Lets start to manage, before we perish and vanish~


Befreind your Parents, put them your fan list*


Hijaab with tights should have no rights, ask France Paris!


Denmark, is wher Islams strong Demand is*


Kill Kafirs and no I'm not being an Extremist*


It's just how the scene is,


Who be them? 18year olds drafted to War Zones.


Out on the battle field crying for their Moms.


Conperacy theary in my reality got B52s dropping BOMBS..>DROPPING BOMBS!


Can't fight, so they hide by 6pm before day invides the night!


We're under-scored to have no rights, broke with no lights!




Peace Middle East



None Understand This, It's Like They've All Gone Brandish!

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I love your style of poetry!

Its raw and straight to the point, no need to read between some lines and try to figure out what your saying...its like painting. Its clear and in your face!



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Thank you beautiful Lios Lane*


Your right my words are clearly out there


Speaking desperately saying this ain't fair


Why should I suffer the elders mistake?


Why can't I enjoy my life


Watching the moon reflect off the lake?


Oh how I love to see the sun go down


She shares the same beauty when she comes up


A sight to flip my frown


Another day passes and love loses more chances


Opening doors for hate that usually advances


Faster than the first sight of love*


I remember that day, when we met;


I felt lucky like I won my first bet!


Your eyes glowing brownish and beautiful


Every since that day my heart has been peaceful


Untill few thousand days after, you demolished


With you all my hopes vanished,


I couldn't find myself,


without you I had no map to follow!


I demand a recall, my pride ain't easy to swallow!


When time flew and drifted us apart


I grew alone without you to comfort my heart


Envy replaced my joy making me feel empty


Inside I cried each night more than plenty


Thoughts breaking through;


fresh memories yet old news!


91, for me that year wasn't fun


93, I grew to learn I wasn't the only one


From 95 to this due date


I sit and wait for Peace to give War a break!


Biting my nails I practice this strange patience


Avoiding facts telling me


That I am one of the Replacements


The ones who would take her far,


Far away from these bad dreams and


this never healing scar


All I would need to do is invest my mind


And in due time I will be like the brightest


Star to Ever Shine*


I can do it,


I can stand against rich men from committing


another civil crime!


Care to give me a hand with my helping hand?


Ok, here is the plan...


Send me a message to find the plan.

would be too simple for me to just put it out






None Understand This,It's Like They've All Gone Brandish*

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Lois Lane, you know each day is never the same

some days we tear other days joy just so happens to appear

..than disappear, leaving behind confusion that grows into fear*

We all hear the same song, singing 'be strong, hold on'

But the kids from my nook never get a moment to cheer*

They witness death, innocent people taking their last breath

All to boost up the richest mans wealth,

who happens to never shed a tear! IN THE RICH MANS WORLD..

I pay taxes, do Job'Search & send faxes!

Do my best to study what my reality fact is

Freedom what? guess even love maxes

Solution became a needle in a massive Hay...

And the enemy got the Matches!!

After taking over, peace is what they promise

We watch them kill, loot and rape

Souls in decaying bodies praying to Allah to scape

But it's all cool if it ain't us we can't rage

We learned it from TV, mind your own business if it don't bring you interest!

So we walk in and out the same entrance of ignorance

Getting comfy with the idea that says your thoughts are nonsense!

Have you believe you can achieve,

yet u grow blind to see all u end up to receive

Oh man I too feel the pain, waking up in shame

No day is the same, next 24hr will only be more insane

Like c'mon, who runs from the rain?

I must be on the wrong lane,

speeding to a dead-end in my brain

Thinking* why they misspelling my name?

I can feel the hate, the inner debate they have about me

is all written on their faces simple and plain!

So ok, am going back HOME, who's coming or who'll be stuck in this chain?

Who'll help and who needs help? Allah knows I do,

cause I see nothing's here for me to gain

But sins and more of this Kafir stain*


lol.. didn't know how to finish it*..




None Understand This, It's Like They've All Gone Brandish*... except for those who Allah gave the gift of understanding to*

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