baala xoofto

South Somalia oo qof ah

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My idea of South Somalia is that "never take anything on face value". Whereas in Somaliland, what you see is all you get - totally the opposite.

In South Somalia, the Sheekh who is leading the prayers is not really there for the sake of Allah - he is there just because at the point in his life that is how he is going to achieve his interest, when he finds something better that can help achieve his interests they will jump ship. Sheekhii oo jeegada xiirtay ayaa maalinta danbe la kulmaysa. Belo ku dishay. 

Back in the mid 2010s or early 2000s, there were so many TV shows about collecting Mosque sadaqa. "Sajaayad iibso, hor ilaahay u iibso, aakhiro gayso..." All the presenters of this scam are from South Somalia. Unsuspecting Northern people would call in their hundreds "Waxaan iibsaday 10 sajaayadood, hooyaday oo dhimatay 50 sajayadood ayaan u niyooday..." and so on.

It wasn't until very recently the Northerners realised that it is all scam.

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