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General Duke

My beloved.. happy birthday.. SOMALIA

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My beloved a happy birthday

What a wonderful moment if I may say


You look four decades your age

Its been a while since you fell of the stage


The impact you have on me and the love is forever

The suffering, anguish and pain, they always give you more.


Once you was tall black and beautiful

Oh what a temper and that goofey smile.

I was so proud to call you my own.


So rest easy my love on this day

I pray to the lord that I Will once again be able to embrace you

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LoL, Jeneraalka had this tender side, maba ogeyn nooh yaaqeey.


Soomaaliyeey too sooy, too sooy isku tiirsadayeey. Hadba kiina taagdaranoo, taageera waligiinee. [i taught this national anthem of ours to some of very younger nieces of mine. Now wey xafideen, marka iyagoo iska warqabin ayee qaadaan sometimes, naturally flowing. I am proud of that. :D ]

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Salam Aleikum W.W My brother, that was a great piece..i thoroughly enjoyed it even it was short..Nice 1 Bro..Keep them coming please Insha Allah.


Peace,Love & Unity.

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