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Imperial Instigator

My Vision

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A place to be alone, in a crowd of emotion, the sun illuminates my skin, in an even golden notion. Crying from within, but my eyes they smile, coz its quiet and I`m warm, all alone for a while. Clustered rooftops, tell stories, tales of what lies beneath, family portraits should be drawn in pencil, coz nothings ever what it seems. Playing puppet to a rulebook, yet who knows the truth? everyone seems to fiend forbidden fruit. The atmosphere screams help, but nobody hears its cries, unable to connect, trapped behind a wall of lies. I question, If its seen only by my eyes, or if people hide opinion, in a quest to `fit in` right. Then I ask, what if I closed my eyes, moved my mind back to the box, forgot my pure insight. When I awake my vision would i feel much more alive? or still trapped in a loose reality, with nowhere else to hide?

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Fine Poem...Imperial Instigator you got tha gift masha'allah*




Only few make me move you are it, lets play tag when you get me my promise remains (not to throw fit)

Your never alone Allah is there right by your side

Only memories differ people vision wise 6 on your true lies

Real tears belong within show no emotion for the world shows foes


All follow none catch up it's a world of decieve

Do believe all things are ment to happen (will of Allah) indeed do believe

Not preaching just mind reading, seething for the sake of my peeps bleeding

What's the meaning I ask in many tones the same question no answer

Why did Adam bit the forbidden fruit? Few know it many deny it so let it be

Crowded territory no place to be alone in a world filled with long nosed people


Stick with me I should guide you, yes that's my lie

Beleave me not I know where we going, know who I am know what I want all the time

Roaming thought capture my mind like a soldier in a fierce war

I claim this display that should I cut my tongue so I won't lie?

Think I should tie my body like Tijaal in middle of the sea

Can close my eyes but my vision only gets worst for it's deadly what darkness lets me see

My care is only fair pull u a chair than pull it away you do the same make it squar

The empty spot I burn the threes that will grow from it

The deer that feeds from it am to kill it and sell it's skin for a lamp

My power is the settled oil I make from it you will eat it

I dare for you to say no for I can show you my power

Am a he your a she follow my lead always to remain under me


It's what society tought me, grew up in Africa saw women treated as usage

Came to North America saw women as usage

Music videos show me so, she wouldn't make it if she wasn't have naked

Media under control not sure what News Channel to believe

Over stayed my stay it's time for me to leave

Back to my first vision, poor people begging normal people wishing few of the rich men itching

To get a next wife explaining the next life no wonder am to be labeled as the vexed type

Who cares my hearts remains in one piece (Alhamdulillah)

My mind runs 100miles on war tactics fighting for peace


Alone yet not lonely

Suns gets hot yet brings me a shaddow to be my hommie

True friends leave with lies the only real friend remains with you just check the mirror

Can't help but be trapped in a loose reality!








None Understand This, It's Like They've All Gone Brandish*

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inspire me to new levels

allowing me to see

the dreams of past lives

come to past

awaken within me a new spirit

breath of fresh life

i rise above the things of this world

encouraging words from dear ones i know

take me to new heights

i no longer fear shadows of doubt

i merely smile and laugh

fore i am now secure in who iam

and time has been good to me


P.S. thanx for the kind words. always a great pick-me-up. and your flow is simply beautiful.

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