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The Unicorns Ride

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Over your rainbow

A unicorn flew,

He was sent to find me...

He said by you.

"Climb aboard", he whispered,

"We must go for a ride..."

And into a portal of light

We rode inside.

The sky was so blue,

The fields so green,

With each explosion of light

Was a wonderful scene.

So happy we seem

And always together,

There was no end to your dream,

It just went on forever.

Then the unicorn said

"I have one more surprise..."

So we took off quickly

And pierced the sky.

Then I saw you sleeping

And dreaming in your bed...

I caressed your hair gently

And kissed you on your head.

The unicorn interrupted...

"I must now get you home,

But now that you've seen her dream,

May you never feel alone."

My heart is feeling heavy,

A fire burns inside.

Thank you so much my darling

For the unicorn's ride



- Eric R. Hughes - smile.gif

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