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What if Africa would live in peace –no more tragedies?

Little babies would grow up following the right trajectories –

No more casualties—are script in our histories –

Listen to the “voiceless†speak –and lets silent the abductees,

Government on oath –‘no more fatalities from the west to east’

Build our own facilities –perhaps communities,

So we can feed the poor some Basto and Bariis,

Now you can lend a hand –so we can rebuild our land,

Before they poison our water and dirt our sand,

Why kill our women and weaken our men?

Tribe made us divide – unjustified—can’t fight for our rights?

If I say “Somalia TO’SOW†then why should I desire any side?

HWYE, DRD, ISQ AND MADHIBAAN –just to name few,

Just because you’re not the same tribe –don’t really mean I hate you!

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