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How come

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How come I can't love

How come I wont believe

How come I only see

All the stuff you show me


How come my feelings get lost in translation

How come my tears are nothing but a motion

How come you keep breaking my heart

Even when where millions miles apart


How come am crying as am writing this

How come my world is breaking as am reading this

How come my words never get heard

How come my dreams never get shared

How come you never help me

How come its all about the colour of my skin


How come my soul feels so unwanted

How come now am ALONE

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Many out comes come to mind

If I was to let you know why you can't love me

Way you suppose to, not knowing you I wana get close to

Only if I could explain why u won't believe

Am not out to decieve my Eve

Only if you let me Adam you, you would see

All am to show you

Care, compation, I dare you, to take on my passion


Although your feelings may get lost in my translation

Baby ama tell you how come, just be patient

I been stressing leaving you behind million miles apart

Thoughts of you leave me in trense, enjoying yo' memory in slow-motion


Dry the window to your soul share no tear

To let your heart love me is to battle every fear

You got of me

I see

You got all of me

You see

You got me

On spree


It's all emotion in motion the reason you cry

For the love of me, I want you to be feeling free

With wings you can fly

So free

The things I try, for you

No lie

Can't see you in a shattering world while am by yo'Side


You on my 20/20 I vision you on my sight

What you know? about how I hear you when u don't even speak

How you know? I don't share that future dream with you

Just to take away yo' nightmares, let me be yo' shelter

By yo'Side, Be By, By Yo'Side with you*


Baby your more than all I got

Am your helping hand, sorry you feel am no help

Should know am more than all you got

Gave you all I got

Shared all I had

It's just sad things came in between and got distant

Baby listen, my world is empty without you am lost and missing

So far away still my love shines for you

Simular to the glamore your my glitzng

Too bad you think it's all about the color of your skin

Know am checking you, Within*


Not knowing with you, me am all to win

Against the Evil that's trying to make me sin

Without you, won't sleep, can't eat*

Without you, I rest less living restless growing thin, make my point tip of a pin*


My heart speaks in many tongues, for you my hearts speak out my soul

Am to break your every slip b4 you fall

On your down side, have me be the one you CALL

Emergency let me be your 911

Get powerful with you like I got a gun

Beyond want I need you like depressed man needs fun


Couldn't answer why your soul is feeling unwanted

When it's all I need in my life, for my love, to form my wife

Your my future on stripes, it's your nature, I LIKE

And ama get back to ya', so you won't be ALONE

Just hold on, strong, maintain replay my song

I be your Pac, Baby Keep Yo'Head UP*


...Yess I noe you ain't my gurl for real, but I felt that poem u wrote so I did my thang...









None Understand This, It's Like They've All Gone Brandish!

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No stress, I flex, mad context show u I can be

Be quick as my deadly eye reflex, so come run check my pretext

Understood in every hood, far from good due to my living wild as the forest wood

Ask me how come and watch me answer you like Jeeves

How come we got'ta war for peace?

Simply cause it's must we live along side with our piece

Stainless, how come we must feel deprived from protection?

It's a sad reflection, as Bush got it Arnold is to control the next Ellection*

Basically, it's a living to die when failure gets close to success-

How come we pray our 5 and still live with stress?

I don't know man, but my answer goes out as

because lifes is a mess and it's up to you to fix

Each and every relfex brings drama

Same way why u can't stand your pops and wont get along with your mama

Deny it, that only means ur too weak to try it*

War for Peace

War for Peace

How come Islam means Peace yet it's to be terminated from the Middle East?

Am no genius but I answer you because, we all got to die for sa'um

If not, it's all logic we all must live for na'in







None Understand This, It's Like They've All Gone Brandish!

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Glad u enjoy it Mimi*

See me, I be free, only mentally-

Locked up, no it's insane for 'em to let me out, basically, physically we all DV in reality*

Socially, am known to be anti-

I hate 'em all, love it when they return the favor*

Label me old'fashion yet still in style like Chuck-Tailor*

Aloof too mooth, am no Jesus, uhuh ama set'Go to be your savior*

How I come, saving most sadly leaving behind few and some*

On the fast-lane I run, speed of a bullet from a hand'Gun*

No fun, living to die, Oh-Oh no Fun*


Major Osama, no fear u can speak in one tongue, state am Dumn!

Care less so long, Kufri bodies I dump-

Humm, Numb*

It's a wrap ama Rap, Hop a Hip*

Fill ma'Clip, Medicate, The Mind's soo Sick*

Force my best, to grow patience, am a profile wihtout a Pic*

Wi' a blindfold I made my 1st and last pick*

Show the Big-Pic I pick death in my reality*

How I come, live life wi' fear-

Evil whispers, I cover my Ears, tho' I hear

Tragity nockin' at door, yes I fear tragity gettin' me feeling sore~

It's pity really gettin' that feelin' drownin' off shore*

Fo' wit'it-


Stood next to a gas'station, held the flame and lite it*

Cold fitted, nuts too crazy, even amazed me how I did it*

All in a dream, felt like it was reality*

Chilling in Torabora, plottin' plans wi' the Talibans-

I demands my fans, on stage, help me do my don't*

Show my foes I stand alone!

4get my friends, they won't-

No, they won' there when*

No, they won't be there...when I need 'em*

Surounded by the enemy and I see them*

Standin' and watchin', maybe laughin'

Out of fear they, me no they won't*


How I Come, take all this in*

Fake on my sin*

Shiver in my heart, shake on shin*

Make a sharp cut, like a shaky shave on my chin*

Watch how I come to win* fake on my sin*








None Understand This, It's Like They've All Gone Brandish!

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^^^ This is for you, inspired by a particular line in your ealier posting.


To the patient one who prays his five

No matter what hope will remain to keep him alive

So whenever you feel like all is gone

Look up to the skies and make yourself realize

That the world just aint worth your stress

And all the politics bombarded on the press

Is of mans illusionary eternity, set up to diverge you

From what god willing will be your blissful destiny

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