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Alone I Stand:

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Alone I Stand:


You’ve shot my father,

You’ve hung my mother,

Raped my older sister,

Physically abused my brother,

Me –you made me suffer,

Made me behold and watch my family give up their soul,

Shivering from the cold, no hoyo to hold,

“You never had a father!†I have been told,

Sometimes in my dreams I picture –the horrible things I’ve captured,

Images of my sister crying “Allah, help me!â€

Visualizing mother looking at me –hopelessly,

Years have past –but I live life like today is my last,

“Why ‘oh why†I’ve asked –and answer had never been passed,

Always been the child of outcast, I’ve meant to outlast –my family,

In the Quran it says, ‘regret’ is Dambi,

So I let me –live my life in misery,

Can’t erase those memories, I’ve gained through my history,

So I say “Alxamdulilah†it was my destiny-- that meant to be,

Hopefully –Allah has written other plans for me,



drawing.jpg “I pray for those brothers and sisters everyday,

I pray for those that have past away.â€

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I can say that was one of the deepest poems I ever read*

STANDING OVATION no doubt* 100Bars and beyond*

A picture speaks thousand words, ur poem was that picture*

I would say "WOW" but Masha'allah is much easier*









None Understand This, It's Like They've All Gone Brandish!

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Alone I stand Strong on a far away land*

On a far away land alone I stand fear no man*

No man I fear stand alone on stangers ground-

Hear this hear that all sayings that same sound-

At best when am alone no one to blame, accepting death along with losses*

Each win gets me closer to mishaps forming pressure,

Blood rise, Mind fries living this lime-life*


Alone I stand Strng with a 5year master plan*

Get rich never die trying for it's a sin and am not that man*

Let me rhyme it in truth, think freedom in time of war.

They tried, but couldn't concore waving guns in front of my door.

Freedom in mind War for Peace*


Through poetry composing words of ease-

Please my life, fantasy I tease*

187, about it, I couldn't worry durring my 9 to 5.

Need the pay, need to pay for my living, I got to survive*

Far from careless, just couldn't care less who they or you thought*

Of me, to me, your me, due to the life battles we fought*


Man write rights, woman need rights-

Hunger needs to be fed as wars need to be fought*

Tiresome in need of rest, even the best leave mess*

Moms tries, pops mans up to build family ties*

True teachers care, real student share fare*

I wise, no lies, eye wise*

Tongue twist you understand, Alone I Stand on Empty Stand!


World'War''ones set to be free on Wold'War'3

In and out with Drugs In Controband, in and out of India, through Paskistan*

Stand Strong Alone With The Taliban*

Beheadings I Can*

Harship u couldn't understand, my hearts fit you couldn't understand*

Harship u couldn't understand, My hearts fit you couldn't understand*



Alone I Stand Strong On A Empty Stand*







None Understand This, It's Live They've All Gone Brandish!

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