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Brutal honesty

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What honestly? Staying in cushy Xalane while being paid thousands of euros per month, hardly interacting with Soomaalida. I can bet he met no more Soomaali people than the number of fingers on my right hand. I don't give a hoot what NGO industrial complex say about our country.

By the way, his Ukrainian people are united analogy speaks more about YOU and your ilk who want to secede and dismember the country.

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Mma we are not secessionist we were an equal country equal to that of your Italian Somalia we formed a unitary state called the Somali republic our withdrawal from the union can hardly be called a secessionist attempt . It was a mere withdrawal from the union . The country consisted of two volontuarly states berigana la isku ma qasbin maantana qasab majiro. Imika if Your rra group wanted to seperate this could be a secessionist attempt since u were always part of the entity Italian colonialism and even prior  to that.

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