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Victim of Love

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Victim of Love:


I compose Poetic Expression,

With an Intellectual Perfection,

Here is a factual meaning --

Of what a True Poet is feeling!

I hemorrhage through my thesis --

To convey my passion in pieces!

I could do years of --without love,

Now I look above and say "I had it enough!"

Here is an instance,

My other half being in long distance,

Seeing you once or twice in a year,

Shed my tears, and I pray to the on I fear,

Why do I live in a lie, or is this REAL?

Not eating or sleeping is what I really FEEL?

Every day you ask me "baby, did you miss me?"

Is it probable, what I feel is misery?

The pain in me --is it meant to be --perpetuity?

The pain of Love is mystery --I didn't see,

Now! Am I a victim of a felony?

'Cause this ache is killing me --softly!

So I dial your number and make the CALL,

'Cause your laughter, happiness and presents, outweighs them ALL.


Dedicated to my LOVE. lol

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