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Seeking Paradise

~Captive Heart~

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Sitting alone in my room

I am a voluntary prisoner

bound in chains of timeless rules

and muffled by traditional ways


So I wait in silence.


Leaning against the window

I rest my head against the cool pane

and look longingly out into a forbidden world

blinking against the dancing rays of the sun

which pass through the fragile shield of the glass

warming my thristy skin

tenderly kissing it into a golden glow

licking my bitter tears of frustration


Mystery and excitement elude me

as I sink deeper within the pool of my imagination

and create a make-believe world in which I make all the rules

No pain

No Betryal

No Regrets


I painstakingly gather the threads of my life

and spin a protective cocoon

around my self

sheilding my heart

as I wait in silence


Then suddenly

almost unexpectedly

dark fat clouds loom against the horizon

threatening rain


Tear-shaped rain drops

teasing slide down the glass

caressing my face with icy hands

as they close me off from the world

by a thin yet impermeable film


The noise deafens the screamings deep within my aching soul

and silence the thundering beating of my wild heart

as I rage in silence


But for a second through my misty eyes

brilliant colours of violet and crimson

swim across my vision

and I know tomorrow would come


So I wait in silence.

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