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Missing It

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Missing It


If we only did listened

To the little red-hat-man,

The one with the big, pointy ears;

We'd never have started

Down this dark, misty path

I've been wandering 'round on for years.

How we feared each other

never warned against anger

neither shielded against the game-of-hate.

For fear leads to anger,

and anger to hate;

Hate leads to suffering - then was too late.

"Always be calm,"

"Relax, and at peace become.

In time, see you will

If turn away you do not,"

But I left and my soul became numb.

How can I get back?

What can I do

I am in search of that missing?

Missing me home; I must become passive,

relaxed and at peace,

At times I despair

And cry, "The task is too great!

No way can I ever get back!"

Then in the back of my mind

I hear, "Size matters not."

I press on so my soul will no more be stained black.

I will find a way

To drag myself

Of this mist of corruption and lies

If I only remember

To "Do or do not,"

For I now know "I can see."


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