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A Tsunami Survivor’s Ordeal

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I couldn't afford to donate millions of dollars like many people around the world have, i couldn't afford to fly down there and be one of those volunteer rescue workers but i felt your pain just as much and i donated my time and energy just to write about your pain & grief so the world would know what you went through.



Crashing and splashing,

the Indian-ocean sea is tranquil

no sign of danger,everyone with dreams to fulfil

the sky above blue and clear

still in the heat of the day

sun still shining & burning

shops still stood,each one of them open

traders out earning hard currency

streets still crowded with lively masses

tourists still out spending big

plants and animals still standing proud

like bees collecting honey

radio stations still playing music

the TV still out broadcasting programs

buildings that stood for a long time

they are still everlasting part of the city

because not knowing what's coming

people living their lives as always

but still stood around and watched

the world go by in front of their eyes

taking for granted the number of hours

that they had on this beautiful earth. :(



Peace, Love & Unity.

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As a wave rushes towards me

I feared for my dear life

separated from my loving family

lost my beloved wife & children

surrounded by violent waters

buildings collapsing around me

feeling like I'm in a war

because I don't know if I will ever

manage to get away with no harm

I'll be very lucky if I make it out of here alive

20 foot tall angry & killer waves

a worlds whole new discovery

which even discovery channel couldn't tell

the emotion of all these is so indescribable

I lost my home and everything that I ever called "Mine"

i know that i should go & look for my family

but what can I possibly do to save my dear family

when these waves are Destroying buildings

and swallowing thousands of cars and lives?



Peace, Love & Unity.

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after the disaster the smell of

flesh and bodies filled the air

towns destroyed and a whole country in shock

dear God why me? its just not fair

if only you know what it feels like

to lose a whole Family in such things

and in a such way,so sudden & so fast

my sweet & loving wife and our three children

with whom i was going to take down town

to see a movie and let them enjoy themselves

their corpses lay around the streets

as if they were supposed to

countries full of poverty stricken masses

young lives taken and destroyed by the sea

almost half of my country has been hit

a true disaster indeed which left millions in need

buildings and houses completely gone

the sea swallowed everything that stood in its path

I just can't believe this happened

my country is in a emergency state

so next time you're out spending money

like it was useless piece of paper

please just stop for a second and

think of me & the millions of others like me

who were not as fortunate as you are. :(



Peace, Love & Unity.

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It’s hard to put yourself In other peoples shoes

Hard to know how they feel

When you haven’t gone through what they’ve been through

But If we all took the time

Just for a minute….

Or maybe 2

And thought about someone else

I mean…..Besides you

We could stop being sympathetic

Which quite frankly is pathetic :rolleyes:

(Minus the sym)

Put your words into action

Even if it’s just a fraction

And make a difference for someone


We take our life for granted

Don’t know how good we got it

Plenty of food to eat

A place to sleep

And in Indonesia

1 million are struggling with poverty

And got no more property

Living on the streets

With nothing to eat

Children dead

And nothing left to be said



Me and you

We can do

Anything we want to

With the right intention

And a little perspiration

We can help

Build that

Better brighter

Future we always dream about

And maybe have that fairytale ending :D

That’s always talked about


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Bob! and not Icon Bob....I always "jaceel" how describtive your poems are and cut to heart of the matter. It is hard to picture and often times write about events since you have put yourself in that place and that particular time, over and over again to understand what they must of been going through. Mansha'allah to both of you. Powerful Words.

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