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Ugly Duckling

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Hey everybody thought i'd hit yall up with another one.....


I was thinking

Blond hair brown hair

Is there a difference?

Blue eyes green eyes

Is there a difference?

If beauty is in the eyes of the beholder

Then there is no judge

Of what is perfect

And what is flawed

Everybody is Stunning

To that one special person

Our outwardly appearance

Is just the cover of our book

And everybody knows

That the cover can’t portray

What’s truly inside

Our passion for poetry

Our respect for our parents

Our love for the great One

Ignorance might be the reason for your despair

You never know what you might be missing

For every person beauty has its own definition

Some its long legs

Others its big lips

for me its brains

The capability of using the right words

At the right time

Can turn the ugly duckling

To the dazzling swan

Words to me

Are the essence of beauty

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Nice 1 Friend,



You can look however you do,

to almighty God we all look the same

others can say you're ugly or worse

let them play their hatred game

to almighty God we are all beautiful

and for that we are all equal in front of him

nothing can change his thoughts

because to him you're beautiful

as you are his creation just like the rest

and if any one says you are not

remember that you are a beautiful

no matter who says what because

you are absolutely beautiful specimen from heaven

a gifted life and a smile that brightens

every dark corner you leave enlightened

as you float up in the furthest clouds

with such high potential

you won't ever come down

you truly captivate me

take my soul and leave me lifeless

with eyes that sparkle

like diamonds both are priceless

lips sweet and tender

so young & innocent and pure

i wonder how could they ever claim

that you are not a Beautiful?


Peace, Love & Unity.

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Boob jobs and chemical peels

So hard to tell the fake from the real

Even harder to make out how it makes you feel

When you end up looking like Seal

Lips misplaced, boobs to be traced

Op went wrong, and all you end up with is a raw deal


Young girls developing anorexia

Mothers batteling bulimia

Models pumping themselves full with herione

All for the sake of staying thin


Another cosmetic surgery horror story hits the front page

Girl wanted to look like Beyonce

Face misformed, looking like a walking nightmare

No going back, doctor couldn't care

Nothing to do but wallow in her own dispair


Don't they know that true beauty lies on the inside

Swallow your pride and push ignorant comments aside


Everyone is beautiful in their own way

Though it often sounds like a cliche

Never mind what images others portray

Concentrate on yourself and celebrate

For nothing is more lovely

Than someone believing in their own beauty


ah...its good to be back in my beloved poetry section

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