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God Bless The Child.

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Born in a place and in time where ambition...

is mistaken for a pure fascination...

steps taken without a calculation...

Dear God, please give me a solid direction...

i beg for an everlasting protection...

i seek guidance through the holy revelation...

sustain all my spiritual purification...

stay away from all the sinful temptations...

stay on course for my dream's realization...

remain humble amongst the human creation...

express my views with an accurate precision...

rise in the middle of the night with an intention.

to perform Salat and ask for redemption...

cherish all the blessings in my memory collection.

wait for the journey of my love's completion...

dream about our special day of unification...

enjoy the sweet Love in our acquisition...

take her to a new height with satisfaction...

show her my love for her is far from imitation...

show her love beyond the human imagination...

let Islam be our formal way of communication...

Dear Allah, I don't seek no human admiration...

but I am desperate for your heavenly recognition.

God Bless The Child in This Man.Amiin.


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Everything is slowly falling into a place

as I begin to feel worthy of my occupied space

a more pious state,more at peace with my fate

grace seems attainable at this rate

I'm on pace to erase my spirit

of past disgrace and embrace my renewed

faith in the only one who saves

He lives in his blessed light,he gives me sight He gets rid of all the unpleasant

visions of past and guides me

to a clearer and the right path

free of wrath and tempting crimes

at last, I can surpass these walls that

I could never before climb but only fall

I'd lay on my back and stare at the sky and sigh

Ignorant of the divine design of Allah

I'd say to myself, ooh and waaw,

to arrive on the reverse side

and resume my stride.

It was my pride blinding

my eyes from seeing the solution

of receiving absolution from social illusion,

and by the Devil to keep the people in evil

and under oppression the reason for depression

that mass sections of my Muslim and Somali people

Are held from the lord's affection..

Instead, they are following the

directions of aggression and erections

A successful & successive selective suppression

leading the healthy minds to a moral discretion

but I have been liberated

the future's bright

because of the Lord's light

I shall escape the eternal night.


All Praise Be To Almighty Allah (S.W).


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