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You don’t discriminate

You listen patiently and actually appreciate

For the most part you broaden my horizons and educate

Help me grow and allow me to collaborate

Get all my frustrations out and deflate

A positive experience every time we associate

I soundlessly sit and anticipate

While you fill my head with ideas and decorate

With you, I am not frightened to demonstrate

Or to even guess and estimate

In view of the fact that you don’t argue and debate

Ready to accommodate

Fed my curiosity

Extended my creativity

Treated me with respect and integrity

Never judged my intellectuality

Nor questioned my ability

In you, I have found confidence and confidentiality

Held me down like gravity

Provided me with a sense of clarity

Valued my roots, culture, religion and nationality

Didn’t abuse your authority

Encouraged me as a black female minority

Reassured of our compatibility

I seal my eyes shut, and visualize

The unjust world I constantly try to accessorize

Sugar coat it and caramelize

While some attempt to glamorize

I know it’s not in your nature to criticize

But to recognize

Collect my thoughts and help me organize

Words! I love to utilize

Even if I am not in the mood to socialize

You don’t terrorize

But sooth and moisturize

With you, I am everlastingly hypnotized

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