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--This Moment--This--Life--pt2

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Great weekend has it been to really do appreciate

the one who brought as well and looked out for us

only wanted the best for her youngsters.

Great weekend has it been,Every morning seeing

your face was like seeing the rays from the shining sun.

With out you god knows what path awaited me,

Your knowledge and your good whiping got me thinking deeply of who i really i was.

I luv you for that.moms.


Now that i left under your wings,great responsibilty awaits for me,


but than I see darker roads

this isn't like the world i was prepared for.


So much hate and anger,everywhere i turn

ponder and wonder why,why,why,whats goin on?

i can't make out reason why,

I wanna turn my back on it,

But i can't, i'ma man with a bleeding heart

i feel mercy even for the one with coldest heart


My face tells you no lies, all you see is innocense confusion,


but my inner is filled stories so much like the

ones every one who has seen oppression..


To be continued..

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4years later on that same day...


Mom i remain me, sanely same ol'Jay

Hard to imagine,the toughest wars are fought on our turfs

I fend it off with the love you passed on to me

Today,you'd be proud of me,

I'ma quarter million man with expensive threads and cuffs to go along with my shine

Not just a chef,you thought me to take heat on whatever angle it define

Not a boy no more,but more of a man than any

had haters as friends,you warned me that they'd drown me

glad to tell you this day of gratitude

i brushed them off like dandruff,with they're flaky azzes..

Almost had me dazed with their deadly gases...

Like action to reaction I reacted..

suprised,they had the asking?

said,I saw it all before,this was all dejavu in the making

absurd,and they wondered why i wasn't laughing...

Moms thought better,before sons relapsing...



Thanx Again moms, you always knew best..


Happy mothers day...


Funny....I Wrote it quick...

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