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A Mothers Pay Back

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For the nine months I carried you,


burped and cleaned you,


for you my son there is no charge!


For the eighteen years I fed you,


clothed and nursed you,


there is no charge.




Now that you're out of school you'd better get a job,


and don't be a slob.


And I better not ever catch you trying to rob.


Later on I want a new Mercedes,


A new home,


And a large checking account,


with an unlimited amount.

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Wow, Nefertiti, HEAVY RHYMES, gurl, well done. Love tha poem!!


Let me spin some off:


From the day you were born, eyes

Wide, mouth open in gentle surprise

I held you, cooed over you

Loved you even when you cried, yes its true!

And now, you're older, and not any wiser

I still clean your wounds, and hold you when you cry

And smack you when you lie, teach you how to deal with a goodbye

Through all the sweat and tears, I brought you up

This is how you repay me, by locking me up

"You're too old, mum," you told me

Before they came and carted off with me

And as the doors shut - a loney clang

That cries of desperation, in my heart a bang

I realise, my son, you're not who I brought you to be

But who'll listen? I'm hidden away in the dark, waiting for death to claim me...



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