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Sometime in everyone's life, they feel betrayed and all alone, like everything is a lie. You are trapped in a world of anger and rage and you can only see red through your eyes. No one seem to see when you are going through this time, or understand why.


But it is times like these that God takes you in His arms and tames your wild mind and assures you, you are never alone.


If these walls could talk,

you'd know my body is dead,

my mind has been taken over,

that's why I am so scared,

I can't control it,

anger is making me blind,

I've been left here on my own

chained to a hate of some kind.

If these walls could talk.


If these walls could talk,

you'd know about my fears,

about all those nights I screamed for help,

about all my fallen tears.

You'd know about the demons

haunting me at night,

you'd be able to help me

keep my fire alight,

if these walls could talk.


If these walls could talk

they would say that it's all right,

God sends His angels

to look over me at night.

They'd encourage me,

say though I am alone

it doesn't mean I‘m on my own.

He watches me, from above

and showers me with all His love,

if only these walls could talk.


BY:Shaka Zulu.

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