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If You Only Believe

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I thought this would inspire u! My other poems were in vain.....hopefully this will work! N pls...Habarjecelo.....keep ur comments to urself!


Throw your tears into the wind

Let go of all of your fears

It's time to grow and fly

Forget scarring adolescent years

You've grown into a butterfly

You must fly and be free

You must believe in yourself

For strength is what you see

You may not always have answers

But if you believe your dreams

It numbs the pain and makes it surreal

When nothing is what it seems

Reach for the sky

And never forget who you are

With a little inner strength you'll reach the moon

And catch your shining star

It's not hard to find your dreams

It may seem hard to conceive

But you can always be full of love

If only you believe.


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