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damn jigga,ease on the FAKE ones. ayo am back once again.


>they chose me as the best of all best/

banned me out cause I SMOKE'd all'em rest/

took too many threats by nameless cats/

KILLA was the word left'em with millions of SCARS/

I put this on my life I defeat you with this-ish/

stick with being a b**ch and wash the dishes/

i threw a party in ya block with no worry/

nigga thats a sign of chi chi man's territory/

comes through this area where they call ROXBURY/

a real hot territory,real niggaz this aint funny/

watch the news me killin'em kkk's in MAALI rally/

seen the homegirl rapmistress turn around/

bigger head with no skills in town/

booty bangin' but i rather smoke a pound/

skinny legs and flappy chest, dem tissues drawn/


am outro..y.all know who this is...


i aint sayin' it...


holla at cha boy..



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oops they got u from were u stand at*

b**ch n*gga, hope u put yo hand up*

words come out, like u might as well*

fall before i even started to sell*

even after all my logic and my theory*

I add a muth*f*cka so you ig'nant n*ggaz hear me*

by the time i cock my nine*

you fake nigga's would be copy'en my rhyme*

look at me, like u doing a window shop en*

f**k! might as well go home n start cop'en*

emcee like me, yo'll just got to see*

battle me, yo'll be living ova sea*

i got to go bounce n smoke n ounce*

holla 1 BLAZE

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Aight aight let me throw up a joint/

we partyin' tonight/

gettin' high lookin for a honeyz to bite/

my crew holdin' that joint tight on tha light/

niggaz hittin' every chick but phucin' ugly white/

my somali sistaz shakin' it/

niggaz got tha 40's and we breakin it/

>pass the weed from the right hand/

baby girl got'em juicy lips thang/

makes me wanna have it all day/

now i got it and havin it my way/

d.j smashin' from reggae to hip hop/

tha parkin' lot theres a sista about 2 get pop'd/

back to tha party now nigga/

seen my girl fatima shoutin' smokey da playa/

sittin' with my baby 20 thats me y'all/

ya sista calls me ALI-Gater when u aint home/

got kiss from my girl baby killa on da cheeks/

its 2k3 you know aint no sticky lip sticks/

its all love tonight right/

homies makin' green from a flip of a dice/

aint no haters lookin for a fight/

tha homeboy m.s.g came through/

simple rules do me I do you/

my cellphone blowin' tha area code 617/

got call from this indian chick from 7 eleven/

so wachu workin with g/

stop throwin' up on 40,stick wicha stupid iced tea/

on my way to tha airport on somalians birthday/

parked my whip now am on way to da british airway/

about to smoke me some SCARFACED niggaz/

its anotha day and another stupid wankstaz/

its another city on another day/

another joint to smoke for another par-tay/

i been known to rock tha spot/

i been doin shorties witha hot back shot/


ayo my peoples...


happy new year.

take this battle thang to anotha level..

i switches the mood of ya flow.//


holla atcha boy///

wahid luv.

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wuz up niggaz...yea i see where you comin from.


>there is a blue blood runnin through this vains of mine/

blue rocka nigga with the same storyine/

real niggaz live this life of a crime/

while fakes die from everydays driveby/

da block where evvy street has its own handshakes/

been around dem mexicans streets in my youth days/

around here kids wannabe the next rapper/

da next player to hit 10 2day and 40 points later/

gang bangin is neva over/

but evvy thug needs a homey to watch ova his shoulder/

watch the time fly and the nights get colder/

i watched myself struggle and still gettin' older/

a youngsta but my mind is filled in anyways/

anyhow i do things better in any states/

to defeat me you needs a bigger brain/

the write words to wake up every county state/

bounty niggaz gettin' pissed/

killa i put you in ya cities runaway list/

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llloooollll...Boston strees….ur verses r wack like scar…plzzz don’t post **** like dat again….or else…lol…herezz a lil ting fo’ya.


My spits cause death, my lines smoke you quicker then meth, you think you can beat this? you will need a ghostly assist, dont get pissed that you shot and missed, you cant even see my face through the myst, you wish u could stand through the punishment that I dish, your multies are micro and your punches are soft, I will put you in a tomb like lara croft, your cheesy like kraft I will deflate you like a raft, you just a stepping stone in my path, beware of my wrath, my spits are deadly, my hits are steady, your flow is so slow it could be called heavy///////Squeezin tha life out of ya harder than i squeeze a biitch wit firm tits/

I gott 007 license that permits -- tha right to kill/I’ll give ya da licenses to step of somalinet be’fo I murder ya….……. ill eat this cats raps before he has time to react/flow intact i stay strapped so you haters stand back…..itz a Rap.>>>

p.s. whr is scar..atttt...neve seen him sense i started to spitt in here.....looollll..... :D:D


diz is one tymer..spittin onCe..

true hustle signin offF.


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yo TRUE hustler an ALL yu fake rhymin ni99as i'll hit u like salsa and cha-cha/da cucka to da racha/

and i kno u dunno wat i jus typed/

but thats jus a dis-advantage of bein SOMALI/

and i'm tyte/ya i dont need to be told/

all ur **** is gettin old/have u visited the black-hole?/

well it seems like u have/u came back to earth with no flow--which u never had/

yo i hit u so hard/i be leavin scars/hittin

yu up to mars/grow-up stop playin with match cars/well den

again if u stopped u Wud be behind bars/for mental retardation/

and deadly constipation/here is my creation/makin mah own

proclamition/im here to voice to the nation/listen to every

station/deys about to announce ur creamation/after i burn u

wit anotha/havin u screamin to ur motha/how i killed ur brotha/

well she wuz on da end of da bridge-

i jus had to shove her/is dat enough to convince/


hey..TRUE HUSTLER I got A tip for you/

Get a life! stop waistin your on this **** u do/

It just dont make since the way you rhyme/

You soundin worse and worse every time/

evry time you post som'm new/

Every time you came out with rhymes you tried and threw/

just give up its over now/

You the one grazin on the grass like you were a cow/

lazy *** *****, I raised that grass I was forced to plow/

and here I successful, your livin' off me , ask me how/

Im tired of people not workin for notta'/

but I know I aint gotta'/ keep livin off this bread and wata'/

Damn, none of your rhymes really dont correspond to me/


peashhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :D

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Alright dawg your driving me crazy/

the **** that you spit don't even faze me/

it's time to pay the price/

you better appraise me/

bout to blow the roof off this muther******/

you aint nuttin but a lame *** BUSTA/

Comin straight out the box.The voice of the LEGEND SCAR/

My money keeps stacked up, back in my home land/


I know my flow Cant believe that this is my rhyme/

This is a LONDON productions son/

if your the opening act/ then why you even try to finish/

Ok Ok somebody call the cops/

We got a muther****** who just about to drop/

who dont know when to stop/ who try to run the crop/

Man watchyou be knowin about rhymin?/

You aint dunn enough research so I guess I'm gonna fail you/

And dont ask for another chance cuz I just Ain't gonna bail you/

Yeah muther****** I could finish you off in two lines/

but for you it took you 2 lines/ Man you dont need to waste your time/

You aint got the flow, to know, nothin about a style/

i will BUST In your face/any time , any place/ Now it's about time for me to close the case/

get A new vocabulary/ stop makin rhymes like you were primary/

When You get to the the point you **** will be heavy like me/ come tell me when you think your ready/ Just try to Roc the mic nice and steady/Cuz right now Im a ferari and you just a chevy/and you aint ready for this **** / Cuz I got so many/ and my rhymes are plenty/ enough to prove that I'm rough/ break You like a led pencil that's sharp, DAMN you aint tough/

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******* ******

first off...this fuks in for it, i cant wait to win

cuz ur **** size in inches resembles the place im in,

from waist to chin i'll scrap ya, dont step to Cat

...when your name sucks d!ck, and ur just as wack,

im way better than you, heres a clue your less...

take that sh!t out ur sig, nobody even knew u left!

and thats the truth yo, want some more evidence?

it says your reborn, and yoLL been wack ever sence,


no fancy wordplay or stretched punchlines




********* **********


~`~RaP MiStReSs~`~

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blood thug keep calm, ill circulate bullets to ya dome...

How could you be undefeated when your not even known

Looky here kid, snatchin ya fame like life-post-suction...

Lemme close this battle quick....ur whack....end of discussion...

Im known for sonning cats, you battle the shitty....

your records fake, who tells more lies you? Or P diddy?

Throw bullshit together, I could crush you with shitty lines...

Your games not hitting puberty, ill crush your kiddy spine...

When i dont care im nice, doesnt that say something?...

Its like im blind and you trip, i still manage to hit something...


whatever...didnt try.


bring the f'in Ruckus On


~`~RaP MiStReSs~`~

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do you think SD JIGGAH is a joke//

like a weedhead I blaze mistress and burn the roach//

you will never take ova the game stop acting//

ScarFace is center stage like main attractions//

and I just fininshed slayin your faction//

and you got some balls but your bars just don't want action//

You ain't never gonna leave the winner//

you can be the sole survivor of nuclear winter//

and you still won't be a contender//

and your rhymes ain't close to sick/

your not hot//

cause your temperature is still 98.6//

Its time for me to butter your throat//

your still dating the game//

but you don't know that me and rap eloped//

you couldn't spit hot to save your life//

your rap game is cold as ice//

sd JIGGAH please don't make me tell you twice//

keep my name out your mouth till your bars are nice////////////////

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RAP MISTRESSS WLC backkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Listen aint u dat wack *** rapper//

dat took long to reply bac//

u wouldnt blow up if u was in da world trade center covered in debris//

your skills is lacking, you'll never shine, or b considered as an ill mc//

no one would buy a LP from u if u was givin it away for free/

and im tired of u keep spittin theze candy bars/

u need ta get anotha flow from dat candy jar/

and stop ridin my **** , like u glued to it/

and u can't blow SCAFACE OFF cuz now your use to it/

dont u ever **** wit me, cuz ill murder u again/

and i dont need a ghostwriter, i use my head and not my pen/

u couldnt flow if u was in a river or a lake/

you'd just drown and trust me, U WILL NOT AWAKE/

on da other hand my flow is like a earthquake/

once u hear it, it'll make your body shake/

when ppl see it, they'll think u tryna do da harlem shake/

GURL im like a statuette/

im unmovable, unstoppable, u cant **** wit me, and your **** is uncoppable/



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