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you claim to be a hommie and you cant keep the joint lit


Stop copying pic from blackplanet fagget *** mothafaka

anyways if u can't handle da b'ness stop callin' out da real G's

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hahaha lil pussies catching feeling..Mindstatei know ya style


You aint nothing but a lil rookie to me/

Running round catching feelings like you a real G/

Ya envy the kid cuz you know my style is hot/

Ya think imma back down aint no way imma stop/

Ya said im hatin tell me how the fu*k did hate/

When ya talkin to me nig*a get ya facts str8/

You a mothafu*ing lier the only pen you been to is ya fuc*ing bedroom/

Ya lil poptart you aint a gangsta you just walking round in a gangsta costume/

Clown this clown that is he ya fuc*ing groom/

I dont need no back up-i was born by myself

I cant control my tempa I'm standing on the edge/

I'll kill a nig*a if he fuk with me and that's my pledge/

Man i been throught hell now i'm trying to go throught heaven/

But nig*az keep hating and fuking with the legend/

Like it's a crime cuz i'm hot or something/

Ya lil sweet strawberry poptart need to stop fronting/

You sound like an illiterate fool cuz if you could of read you would of got my message clear/

And dont get ya tougue twisted up cuz I live wit no fear/

You calling me a fa*got send ya ***** if ya got one and see if I dont send you back her underwear/

If you see the look in my eyes even a blind man can tell i dont care/

Ya betta play ya part and dont fuc* around in my tier/

My eyes are dry i look in the mirror i cant see no tear/

I'm a mothaF*cking hustla on the block all year/

When I'm on the street selling weed ya probably locked up in ya room playing with ya teddy bear/

Jakes harrasing me cuz i give'em a reason/

Man this is the life i live all fu*ing season/


ps. am watin' ya fool i want a response i know ur here

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hahhahahaha funny name


hot knock say i look illiterate

and that i can't write..or spit

but if i aint fit

why am i so exellent?


answer me that you little fu­cker

hot knock cock sucker


rhymin basiclly

i'm amazed ta see


this man right here

it's obvious he got outta sight fear


either that..or he just ******

this man don't know what he talkin bout...he obviously the new kid

this man doin what the resta the group did


tryin to diss me..

steps up all blissly


like he got what it takes rhymes cause out breaks


people talkin bout my lines in they own home

ya...i bet u'd put a gat to my dome


but u'd be too dumb to use it

u hate my lyrics

u got rages..a bad sometimes u loose it


go into a savigin rage

lyrics of fury...thats what i have in tha cage


they about to be exposed

my rhymes...the sh­it thats enclosed


in my soul

ready to relase into the pencil i hol'


jotted down on paper

u can look at me as your savior


i forgive u

but u need to learn how to live fu


talkin bout u sell weed

i smell need


the need of improvement

take yo weak *** lines and move it


the fu­ck up outta my way

u can say u strait..but u die gay



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HAhahahaha this fools will never give up


why yall coming with these long *** verses Mindstate that shit dont make



Aight look...


I know ya like my name... But thats another type of being hard/

I am about to show Mindstate how to address a Father's Day card/

We know its coming... thats why we turn our heads when you spit/

Verses of bullshit... Beating you to the punch faster than the kid who spiked it/

Saying u ILL??? Cause even with my help your battles aint sick/

Pathetic dick... I knew you were wack when you tried posting text on soundclick/lol

Constant PM's to me... asking for favors... you aint my dog... just a pup/

The alphabet's shrinking dun down to 25 cause Supa just ate U up/

******* herb's reality is flawed... after all that alias lost to youngblood/

***** State yo Mind cuz is so wack he couldnt get airplay joining the mile-high club/



Thats called a direct diss


Yea check out my site


WE got Audio battles if u got a mic and many more

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damnnn..y'all still living?i should say alhamdu for y'all.its the only forum i belong in this maalionline thang...good looking out rap mistress/


but i was gone maybe 8 plus months and only missed 2 pages?


damn..where dem freestylaz be at yo.

now niggaz who got ished on back then changing their names to g-unit like its gon' be make it better for'em to freestyle..

its a gift killa..on the real..i will respect you more if ya used ya real name.

cause on the known for this name.none other.

but when the time is could be tonight or later tomorrow.i will update this to rhymes..letting ya know smokey is let free..atleast for now


p.s//pray for me..i need ya prayer my somalis..

it has nothing to do with this here.personal issues.

one luv.

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Great to see yoll continuein’ to illustrate the hip-hop vibe.

Comin’ up with some 6 minute * ish * namean?



you think i disappeared, been runnin this game for years,

haterz step back get thrown down like beers,

the realest chick back to spit, and still dont give no shit,

Moe-Blaze an’ Saudi still hungry for money,

you get nothin from me, ask for cash- i laugh as its funny,

so **** yall hatin *** *****ez, wantin richez,

this game is mine like yo nigga is, leave u hurt fulla stitches,

**** ya whole click kids, im older im a soldier,

young at heart but still ive grown to become even more colder,

spittin flows more bolder, a glock holder,

glock shooter, ridin cadillac while yall hoes ride scooters,

****in big breasted hoes who work at hooters,

im pimpin reppin my gang, northside gang, youngz, pimp squad,

we bomb hard, i dip in a 85 or 90 cadi-car,

im tha illest by far, ever since we all hooked up wit So-Somali warden,

and like bee's weve just kept on swarmin,

so step off, or step up, either way Moe-Blaze got his lead up,

young n thuggin, and i will keep my head up,

stay youngin, mean muggin, ima ridah no matter how i end up,

still reppin, bustin, haterz best know im fed-up.


ANYwAYz mUCh Love An’ GreAt tO SeE ThE EntHuSiaSm Up In dIs Bia*

AmA StOp bY OncE AgAin.


OnE LovE SomAli – SoLjaZ


NabAdGaliYo :eek:


~`~RaP MiStReSs~`~


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damn yo..i edited my last one..but it didnt go through cause aint no space they claimed.but ama do it again..shyt na mean..


let me welcome myself back..


moove tricks and wanks/

let tha young'n fulfill ya blanks/

haters love me,must ran out of gas/

ama fulfil ya tanks/

more wild than pitbulls in cages/

write lyrics like day to day pages/

claim ya hood youngsta/

you is soulja i be tha sargent/

u na bustin' till i say start gunnin'/

or get the clapin'/

talk shyt i let tha milli do tha mackin'/

and thats the real thang dear/

come back hardcore with nobody there/

whats tha reason ya niggaz claim thugs/

whats reason sista wit hijaab cant get hugs/

i remember dem days when luv was love/

now am chosen color,cross it n die from slugs/

and thats the real thang/

ya thinkin' ya is hard usin' dem slangs/

ya refused ta listen/now regret thangs cause ya azz in prison/

and thats tha real thangs yo/

sex is good but watch wachu bang though/

she got tha back she got dem titties/

she got lips and thats all s.t.d shytties/

got my mind right from girls/

i offer tha thick while they crave for pearls/

and thats tha real thangs trick/

my game is tight,got my head harder than bricks/

but i know me and you know you/

lets not fool each other keep it true/

nigga you threw is tha same nigga you gon screw/

and thats the real thang boo/

and somalis/

all they do is help their own clans/

and blames/

living everywhere with different names/

to date,elders back stabbin' one another/

deviding,the word brother/and in gender/

tryin' but famales never best getters/



out generation is the best yo.know that.


am tryna be good cause i got shit on my head that am gonna be gone for long if i dont do shit right,right?

what y;all think my solution is.

i asked y;all something like a grown folks

dont come with kiddish shyt for me//stay true and stay healthy yall..


so far they saying..hit tha masjib..or go to africa..



am out "for now"

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Ok time to attack someone


This kid couldn't come correct if he went to grammar school for ejaculation/

He likes playin' with himself obviously It shows he's into virtual masturbation/

Watch me attack your patience Make you admit word of defeat/

This is the net You don't get Southern Hospitality for Disturbin' Tha Peace/

He likes haduuken's and shadow punches So expect his punchlines to come mysteriously/

Named himself after a Movie (smokey) So Imma keep Smokin' around and not take him seriously



LOL i was bored...........

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southern hospitality/

nigga ya listen too much d.t.p shit/

when ya come through here/

i suggest ya leave behind every fear/

its go hard or go home thang/

and i hold that crown in dis game/

comedian freestyler/

seen yall lil niggaz pile up/

am poison,besta wear fully protection/

get dissed on/cause ya got pissed on/

I make niggaz talk back fast/

seen me in duty w dem back slash/

and thats full time crip thang/

see me bust,in that crazy gangland/

let me get back to that/

nigga is like a kangaroo jack/

kickin' talkin' but neva bust his nuts/

but dust,and thats just real lack of gutz/

smokey got crazy hoes/

singin' like oooh smoke I need ya more/

neeva neeva gon let ya go/

once i get ya home/

ama tell'em,oooh bytch release my joe/

gotta hit ya,and release ya slow/

once you get my dooope/

617 representa know the area code/




stay healthy my peoples.


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Supafly Assasination


Time I Flip shit on This Smokey like Snoopy Denomenators!/

What's funnier? You being ill or appointed moderator?/

i thought ya title was funny - but now ur name (smokey) ruined, guy/

cuz if killing herbs is ya job... then u better commit suicide!/

beantown *** i'll ruin you - if you still get dickrode till ya cock hurts/

so its no surprise.. that i'm killing The Smoke like broken clockwork/

my shocks hurt, & its not we hate u, u just gotta build a rep/

^just kidding... come back w/ skills and then Somaliaonline will respect/

until then leave & its cuz u stall shit, while i come w/ all fists/

& cuz ur Malionline reject.. like telemarketers from the dont call list!/

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kido kiddo,when ya gon learn to get low/

its matter of time i release the 44/

that requires a killa,done it before/

per que tu comprehendes mi lingo/

cause i slay and spray/

verbally abuse ya,stop that kiddish,play/

canadians speak funny/

and honies,talk dirty but still funny/

washroom?yea thats where i let jimmy slide/

ya girl gettin freaky while ya play in bestbuy/

and thats good maali girl gone wild/

check it kid,fukin' is in my resume files/

as far maalionline,things been good/

i aint gettin' banned maybe cuz am from the hood/

nah bytch,i aint in fify movie/

guilty but thats cuz i got fulltime crip duty/

and thats the real thang killa/

compare to none how i can just rock a fella/

check da profile,see a real gangstas/

betcha gon look and admit ya fakeness mabsta/

i laugh at cha niggas/

bring a stripper,take all ya chettaz/

thats business to another level/

crown a playa,ya is petty part time crime nickel/



stay true yall and stay

it dont stop..wont stop..

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punk fukaz cant see me/

ya cant hang with me/

smokey is a nigga understood by real g/

am tha nigga,niggaz wanna be/

i bust a pure rhymes/

verbaby crack ya fukin' spine/

its the place n battle to see/

label me as original G/

after this i suggest not to speak/

or 7news wil find ya laid in da street/

look at me and say smokey aint right/

bust anotha and make you remember its night/

wanksta,ya tryna be gangsta/

wanksta,ya not even a man aintcha/

i dont feel wachu felt/

i makes fire off the ice you melt/

ya not freestyla,not as far/

abuse ya,and rip off ya arms/

ya azz is in ****ed up/

tried out for a clique and got jumped up/

thats cause ya laaaame/

it aint nothin' to be ashame/

i betcha *** too spoiled/

prays for lord/

but revenge aint gods work/

now ya he/she shananay doing twirks/

not sellin,like ya apponent e-side boyz/ ya laugh fool..

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Aight 2 verses I will KILL it Wit one of MY attention U didnt have any Punchlines...dawg but thanks for keep spittin...feeel me some neggaz cant


SMokey Ok Ama Reply first that way I dont have to read ya shit and die of boredom/

Hell you know its you're drops that have somaliaonline rethinking the Hall of Fame forum/

time 2 abort,challengin the champ?!,postin up is simply irrelevance/

Smokey said i'm soft?? i emailed him my dick for hard evidence/.lol

speakin of crews I'm combustible... see the chemical forming/

Smoke's' the back burner, Supa os' "head of the pack" like surgeon general warnings/

Smokey jokes only... and qaxootis... it's not hard to down him/

check his name his lyrics, only question is why clown...? When they all around him/



DOne deal...Stay simplistic...and keep rhymin

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Originally posted by SUPAFLY:

scareface is ummh remember me kid...negga who murked



loooooooooool SUPA DOOPA FLY yu murked me COME SON

negga long time no see yu been improvising yur lyrical G's. lol

nah blud the website lookin kinda tight


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