Justice for The Taiwan Four

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A video that has been in circulation for a few years shows armed men in a Taiwanese fishing boat shooting and killing at least four Somali men within Somali waters. This boat was never issued with a licence to fish within Somali waters. Yet while it was engaged in illegal fishing within Somali waters it took upon itself to act as judge, jury and executioner and ended the lives of these four Somali men.

The recent arrest of the captain of the boat that carried out the executions is nothing but a pantomime, a show that is designed to bury this story once and for all and allow Taiwan unhindered access to Somali territory. This so called arrest is not a search for justice but a whitewash that is designed to absolve Taiwan of any responsibility.

The murders were committed within Somali waters and as such Somalia has jurisdiction on this case.

The Somali government must demand the hand over of this murderer and he must be put on trial in a Somali court


1) As can be seen from the video at least 4 Somali men have been killed within Somali waters.

2) The captain of the vessel has admitted these murders took place within Somali waters.

3) The boat where the shots are fired from is Taiwanese as can be seen from the markings on its side.

4) The boat where the shots are fired from has never been issued with a licence to fish within Somali waters.

5) The victims are not holding any weapons and there are no weapons visible near them.

6) The victims boat has been capsized and heavily damaged and the victims are trying their best to stay afloat in the water.

7) As can be seen from the video the victims posed no immediate threat to those that cut their lives short.

True justice must be found for the victims and this can only be achieved when a serious trial takes place.

Justice for the Taiwan four.

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