Caabey Amxaaros ultimate power grab. Jawad arrested.

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While  the world news were on New York in 2001 on nine eleven. In the  rustic town of Eritrea the leader of the Eritrea, described and praised by the cadaanka rounded up his own EPLF- collegues and other oppositional groups as the ELF.  No one has since heard of then.  Caabey Amxaaro  thinks that he can do the same but doesnt know that social  media  is a media.changer. Jawad the oromo nationalist, the first oromo leader who openly said in Aljazeera interview "I am an oromo first, and then ethiopian" shocked the oromo people into beliving in oromo nationalism. Even the crypto-.Amxaro Oromos  started to return to their oromo heritage when  TPLF dismanted  the whole  "be an amxaara so you can have a socal mobility".

News comings from Addis shows that Jawad has been arrested together with the whole leadership of the oromo federal congress party.   The only group that is now show support to Cabeey Amxaaro  are the Amhara residents of Addis Abeba and the  Amhara region of Gondar and Bahri Dahr. The Emperor has no clothes.     The TPLF might have been a menace to the Soomalida in 90-ties up till 2006  but the core group of the TPLF   made a desecion  that the knew will ultimately lead to conflict.  While Caabey Amxaaro said their would no elections becouse of  Covid they the TPLF said they would  have  elections.    If history repeats itself it seems that  the situation is what it was in former Yoguslavia. The serbs said no Croatioan elections while Croats  carried one.  We all know what went down.

Bal Soomaalida maxaa u diyaarsan? Mustafa Cagjar went to Baxridahr and praised Menelik and becane the darling of the Amxaaro. Is he betting his horses on Caabey Axmed?  If he is and Cabeey succeeds somalis will be in a better position.  They will become another garrison town. If he fails and does not prepare the Somalis by allowing elections  and expanding Somali nationalism  Soomali  galbeed will become another mad max region where feuding clans with ak47 roam the streets.   Mustafa intuu Baxridahar  tagi lahaay dadkiisa ha diyaariyo  post-civil war Ethiopia. 

The Arrest of Jawad and the other oromo leader is big and I think  it is a sign that something is brewing in Ethiopia.  Americas orientalist and British fascination with their "ortodox gaalo of Abbsynia is no more. Tabar iyo lacag uma haayaan in ey u gargaaran wadanka.






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