Xabeshi in trouble over GERD

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In the last one and half year:

1. From brother Sissi brother Abiy to uncknown dictator's buddy buddy in hiding, but working poor people to frenzy

2. United States, United Kingdom and Israel that were either neutral or even leaning to Ethiopia have all gone to openly siding with Egypt

3. PM Abiy who only months ago was bragging that he will do with diplomacy what the Tigray were doing by force and threats with Egypt is now given up already and no force

4. UAE and Saudis who are main sponsors puppeteers of Abiy are of no help on GERD

5. Sudan who was 100% siding with Xabeshi is now neutral to closer to Egypt

6. Russia who was neutral and even supportive of Xabeshi is now neutral to siding with Egypt. So much business.

Xabeshi has only China that may be neutral, but since Israel is now being pressured to reduce its closeness with China, China may view Suez as future holding.

Turkish is only one that can:
1. Be fair arbiter between Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt
2. Provide technical assistance to all three
3. Invest in all three, real investment and useful investment
4. Provide Xabeshi with training and joint activities in Sudan and Somalia as well as Djibouti and Kenya

That may be one reason General Samora is being courted, since he was very close and also personal friends with Turkish General staff.

Abiy is in a pickle now. UAE will not allow any closeness to Turkish. And there is absolutely nobody other than Turkish that has any meaning.

How was in one year:
Friendship with Sudanese thrown away
Brotherhood with Djibouti thrown away
Turkish Investments and friendship thrown away

Nothing new gained except UAE temporary finance and nobel price.

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I have a feeling Turkey wouldn't want to get involved in this dispute. One of the sides has to lose and will eventually end up blaming the mediator among other parties.

Egypt as a country regardless of what regime is currently in power there is too important for Turkey on many levels, the long-lasting public perception being one of them.

Egypt is poised to lose this one.


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