Addis Ababa” New Flower” looks 1000 times better than when I last visited 20 years ago.

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Mayor of Addis Ababa
Takele Uma Banti (Oromo: Takala Umaa Banti) born in 1981 is an Ethiopian reformist leader who came to prominence for his transformational way of doing business and his visionary leadership roles after Ethiopia's reform by the current leadership of the Country starting 2018. Currently, he is serving as Mayor of Addis Ababa City, which is the economic, political, cultural, diplomatic capital city of Ethiopia among its many other functions.

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You can change buildings, but the people are almost impossible to change.

Even hard working Takala is finding out.

Xabeshi is lazy and too much talk politics on empty stomach. PhD, Dr. Eng. is only for feeling upper class. That many years in western school has not changed the holders.

Unlike Somali with PhD who has not changed, which means he is proud and free running, free wheeling nomad, the Xabeshi are timid and subservient to westerners.

Addis Ababa has been center for British, French, Italian at least and for Turkish, Portuguese, Dutch, Russians, some extent. Yet it was a big village until recent decades.

The mentality and culture is still big village. Hopefully Takala can make an impact. At least he has infrastructure to work with like, roads, industrial area, recycling, rail, buildings...etc unlike the ones before him. He may prove to be the best, unless they frustrate him with envious gossip and manufactured "news" which they are good at.

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