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changes changes .. the economy ..

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in order for a good economy to stay good ..


one needs to make a part of one's wealth liquid ..


by investing in the most current thing (currency) at your time a.d. 2010 !

and it has to be valid (valuta)

nowadays there's lot's of technology everywhere .. so that's current .. and it has to be environmentally friendly techno. .. that makes it valid !


maalkaada qaarkiis u sarrif (time-fluxx)


financial management


dadka aanan Quran rabin sida loogu tarjumo anigu ma aqaano ..


nkay ..


(time-fluxx) is a currency/valuta that is encouraged by the u.n.


dollar ,euro ,riyal ..etc. are not current ..


so not a currency but still a valuta 'cause valid in itself .. but not for the user .. meaning irrelevant to the economy .. so not considered finances ..



why isn't the president doing anything ?

because we're now in the times of do it yourself internet democracy ..

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back in the days .. computers revolutionized banking and finances ..


suddenly being a millionaire ..

meant nothing special!


did you know that there are no basic differences between a concorde-airoplane and a normal-airoplane?

the concorde has nothing extra ..


.. just like a millionaire had nothing more than other humans .. computer-banking proved that ..


which means any ol' airoplane can fly from london to mogadishu in less than 2 hours !


.. the internet .. as soon as it starts will prove that !


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breaking news :


that "gov." money is no longer legitimate .. so no longer a valuta .. now also in europe !


if you follow u.n. news you would know that the i.m.f. since 2006 was taken over by the i.a.e.a in vienna , since in many "3rd world" countries the "gov." currencies were no longer legitimate/valid but still current because of e.u. support ..


now also in europe , for a while the "gov." money was valid although not current (because of the technological progress)

now it has lost its legitimacy thereby not valid/valuta (because of the e.u. environmental laws)


kinda' like a mathematical equation where things eliminate eachother and at the end you get 1 or 0



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..looking at our present day situation, we see that glossing over our history will not work. Just as we try to gloss over the rampant tribalism within our own somali community we try to gloss over the same thing in our relationship with all non-tigre communities. We are not united! It is only a fool who tries to unite/collaborate with those who hate him thinking mistakenly that they can all benefit from unity against a common enemy. The truth is many near tigres would simply take the place of the oppressor against somali people if given the chance. That does not make all tigres or near-tigres evil. It just makes them victims of the same tigre aganism system that elevates corruption over good governance. Until we address this properly by engaing the history there can be no true unity.


The idea of supporting the enemy of your enemy has never been a smart one and is the device of politicians, not right thinking informed people. The enemy of your enemy might well turn out to be your enemy. When you have gone so far into the wilderness counting on your enemy’s enemy to be your ally and then you turn around and find them conveniently united against you… ahhh what then?

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