Telling Kiikuuyo to back off...

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Lool, reading this "silly entreaties" from wretched and the politically failed collection of cretins in Villa Somalia actually reminds me of a cowardly naked man who is being beaten to the ground, who in turn is waffling on and telling the tough lad who put him on the floor that he should stop beating him up, because, apparently, "there ought to be some freaking laws against beating people up".

What a collection of silly cowards, who are long on empty talks and short on any manly balls to which to actually do something for themselves with it, other than basically pleading with others to be "gentle" with them. As if the likes of Mr Kenyatta, who is a man who is really out to feel his own muscles at Somalia's expense, will somehow be put off by this kind of womanly and cheap entreaties of begging a "mercy" from him. What a political shit-show we have in Villa Somalia, indeed.

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19 hours ago, Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar said:



Makes perfect sense.

When you are weak consensus matters more. What is the point of zero sum game, when zero sum game results are known to be ONLY temporary?

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And here is another so-called xildhibaan ku sheeg, openly supporting Kiikuuyo stance against our country's position. Tuugnimo lagu yaqaanay, nothing new.

I am glad patriot Soomaalis dhiiga leh on twitter hilfaha u qaaday. Times likes this I wish I had a twitter account, runta u sheegi lahaa.


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