Is this a real push for Somali unity from the international community or the usual maneuvers to share the pie.

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As usual I have to talk from time to time  a friend of mine  in Halane compound to gage the the future plans of the international community (Beesha Lixaad) especially on issues of security, finance and Somali unity. Furthermore, I asked him about debt forgiving schemes from the world community and the constant travels of these groups to Hargeisa lately.

The so called international community is bearing heavy pressure to Biixi and company as of lately. Is this a real push to resolve the issue or the usual maneuvers to bring everyone on board for the money?


Here are shortened excerpts of our conversation.


Galbeedi:  What is going on in Hargeisa? It seems the so called international community keep traveling to Somaliland to resolve the artificial quagmire created by Muuse Biixi to keep delaying election.


Halane Man: Muuse Biixi want to change the well established rules the international community had set up in terms of development and other democracy enhancing programs by trying to have the last word of how things should be managed. These elections and methods of financing were always agreed upon by both the stakeholders including the opposition and the government, yet Muuse keep breaking his promises.


Galbeedi: Isn't that a good thing. I mean,  rather than allowing the international community to dictate things, Muuse is saying, " I am the leader and I alone will have the final say".


Halane Man: The international community spend millions of dollars of development money from education, health care, water, agriculture, workforce training and micro financing that is the backbone of the government activity in Somaliland. Besides, in Somaliland , No election will take place without their contributions. of donors.  Muuse knows this , but he tries to circle the wagon and frustrate the opposition while he keep breaking the promises he made to the international community.


Galbeedi: I heard the last major meeting between Muuse Biixi and the international community had touched some tough issues like the disbanding of the national election commision and Somali unity.


Halane Man: The disbanding was the suggestion of Somaliland civil society and both the parliament and Muuse were asked to disband. They suggested to either recall the old commision  in order to save time or create a new a credible NEC agreed upon by everyone.


On the Somali unity issue Muuse was told that the time has come to move the negotiations to higher level and prepare the people for unity.


Galbeedi: Is there any new developments or the same old tired games of pushing them to talk? Why is this rush for unity now?


Halane Man; That delegation was comprised from the EU, USA, UK, World Bank and other donors. THe main points were that Somalia must and should pass the relief and recovery stage of the last twenty years  to the investment and resource extraction stage to prosper and move ahead.  In order to pass that stage of direct foreign investment and resource extraction, the world will only deal with one   national government and in order to achieve that both Puntland and Somaliland must keep what they have achieved throughout the years , but should move to that goal of single authority of national government to secure and save guard foreign investment.


Galbeedi: So, in other words , these guys want to get the resources and they want a unified government Somali state to enter these contracts?


Halane Man: Resource extraction is already taking place within the country especially in Somaliland. The UAE owned DP World had secured 70 mile square of the Berbera port and airport area. No one could trass pass these zones  and huge containers with thousand of tons of rocks are loaded for shipments with no one's knowledge. THere are Chinese contractors working with government  and well connected oligarchs to extract minerals in Awdal and other places.


I know you are skeptic about the international community, but the world had spend billions to help recover Somalia. Now with the debt relief process concluding Somalia is eligible to get direct grants,  loans and investment from the world. Furthermore, the world want to extract these resources to alleviate poverty and help the government to finance its security needs. With all these competing  regional authorities , autonomous regions like Puntland and separatist leadership in Somaliland, it will be difficult to attract investment and credible resource extraction contracts. 


Galbeedi: I know what you mean , but is it possible to negotiate now? Also, while Biixi is welcoming these talks, his cabinet issues directives banning anyone from his government involving any donor programs that doesn't come in the name of Somaliland. Is he  sending different signals?


Halane Man: I heard that every time he meets these delegations he shows positive attitude for negotiations on the unity file. Some even suggested that he could be ready in his time of choosing. 

You have to know one thing. All these Somali entities from Jubba to Hargeisa could not exist one single day if donors and NGO's cut their programs. After debt issue is settled in this spring, Somalia will print banknotes to the tune of $1.2 billion worth of Somali Shillings, the federal  government is eligible up $750 million loans and grants. Rather than beg, the state treasury will be able to pay the salaries of soldiers and public employees. 


Furthermore , It wasn't the Somali leaders or the people who demanded Somalia to leave the transitional period to full federal government in 2012. It was the multinational western companies whose resource related contracts  would be expiring in 2012.


Galbeedi: How is this contract is structured? In fact, the head of  Mogadishu university Dr. Mohamed Jimcaale , who is from this side of Alberta made that  same statement.

Halane Man: In late nineteen eighties  major western companies had entered contract with the Somali state while the rebels were fighting to overthrow the government. In most major contracts in these unstable countries , companies add a clause in the agreement which they call " Force majeure" or unforeseen events that might engulf the state. That designation could only last twenty years and after that period the contract will be null and void. So, in order to avoid losing everything they have speeded up the process. 

Furthermore, the American ambassador , Mr. Yamamoto , had publicly told us in a meeting of American aid related employees that he came out of retirement and want to leave a legacy of transforming the whole horn of Africa before he retires again. 


Galbeedi: well, if these is this push and pressure from those paying us to  to be a government , how folks like Biixi would deal this?. 

Halane Man: I know Biixi and Kulmiye kept talking about Wadani party having connections with Somali government, but unlike others Biixi will be arm wrestled to make a credible move. Privately , he , Biixi and Adna Aadan tell the international community that they are willing to move ahead with the union but on one condition:  the Somali leaders in Mogadishu should be elected by the people directly first.


Galbeedi: is this the  idea of Farmaajo pushing one man, one vote related to the union idea?

Halane Man: I have no idea about that , but all I can tell you is that what Somali leaders say privately to the world and what they tell the public is totally different. The world want after these elections the process to start quickly.

Galbeedi: I don't see Muuse Biixi having experienced people around him. Besides how is he going to frame the issue after all these years?


Halane Man: Rayaale refused to deal with Somalia before Ahmed Siilaanyo came. When Siilaanyo was elected he called elders, Ulema and the business community and told them that they were isolated and put themselves in a box (Qol Baan isku Soo xiddhnay) and the media started the propaganda and everyone was told to jump the bandwagon. Siilaanyo brought hundreds of millions although most of the money were looted. Certainly, he could find a way to change the course, besides, the people are unemployed and broke, some might even looking a way out of the unending " Ictiraaf" quagmire. THe international community knows what is going in the region, and these outstanding issues should be resolved before major and local tribal disintegration starts not only in Somaliland but also in Puntland.

Galbeedi: I understand, but Biixi needs new surrogates to sell the idea or he will be railroaded by Faysal Waraabe and others. Anyway, which countries are pushing for unity and who is for Somaliland to seperate? is there any divide among the Sixth Community (Beesha Lixaad)?


Halane Man: Neighboring countries like Kenya might work behind the scene to disintegrate Somalia, but in these forums everyone is on board for unity. Yet, there are  two nations that are either skeptical or even pushing for seperation. Sweden is pushing for Somaliland to separate or keep the status quo while UK is playing games. The rest of the nations , EU, US and Africans want a united Somalia as quickly as possible. Also, most of them want to keep the gains both Puntland and Somaliland made .


Galbeedi: How about the so called North East State that was in the media lately?


Halane Man: That state was rejected because it is  impossible to realizes. Most of those who were pushing were the Harti community in Sool and Sanaag. No one in Somalia  will accept another Harti state within the federal system including Farmaajo. 


Galbeedi: How about if you add some of the Habro community in Sanaag and Togdheer and create a multi clan state? besides, that state would be a loyal state to the Somali project.

Halane Man: I do not know about the future but at the moment , while the world is pushing for unity , Farmaajo can not afford to intervene anything that is undermining the  peace in the region. Even Caare was told to stop his campaign and Muuse Biixi was urged to reach a settlement. 

Galbeedi: So, is this the end of an era in Somaliland?

Halane Man: it might not be this year , but expect huge  shift for the next few years. The UN and the EU can not keep throwing money to Somalia while hundreds of billions of resources are buried within Somalia . As I said, in order for investment and resource extraction to start, investors want want to deal with the a national  government . If Somalia want to borrow billions again and get direct investment, no one will be able to sign these agreements in  Somaliland or other places without stable national government. There is huge mineral resource in Somaliland , and that can only be extracted with a national recognized government. Remember, just like Jubbaland and others , Somaliland had signed the debt relief documents. 

And the offshore oil will be the first place to start resource extraction. In the middle of the Indian Ocean far away from Al-shabaab .

Galbeedi: So, those of us from Somaliland will be responsible for the billions Mogadishu is borrowing, right?

Halane Man: Of course. Both the old debt and the new will be under one roof and Somaliland is part of that nation unless otherwise.


Folks, I do not know how these guys, Beesha Lixaad,  could hasten the unity. I do believe though  a lot has to happen before unity is achieved.


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Hello Folks,

My word, what on earth do we have in here? Well, let me guess and say it's our reliable old friend, Mr Galbeedi, from Cold Alberta of Canada, trying his luck on us, yet again, and doing it so with one of his "imaginary friend" assertions, who seems to have told him the "real political juice" in so far Somaliland and its relationship with the international community (IC) is concern. Hence, all I can say is that this is what you get when one man's jaw-dropping delusion and crippling hallucination (as the case is with our friend in here) in which he seems to be suffering from it gets to be this advanced stages of a chronic kind. And it's really pity that our friend is in this noticeable stage in his debilitating mental degeneration. I really hope that he can be helped, speedily. At any rate, it's only incumbent on to the rest of us to say that all of our prayers and commiseration ought to be really for him now.

However, here on decidedly undelusional green earth, things in so far Somaliland is concern, are really simply. And they are as follows, in a succinct point-by-point fashion (no less). And here they are.

1- No unity and no union malarkey, and indeed no way and no how of any of that sort of thing with Somalia till the end of the times in so far as Somaliland is concern will ever happen. I repeat till the end of the times. No matter whatever else some folks could tell themselves about it, like our Galbeedi is doing it in here. Again there is no way ever again in which Hargeisa will be governed from Mogadishu. Never, ever. Take that and put it in a durable capsule just to keep on reminding yourself of the eternal truth as we in Somaliland see it. Moreover there is no way (not in a million years) in which some "wretched blue flag" will ever again fly high above any inch of Somaliland's territories. Not in a million years. I repeat not in a million years.

This is a "blood-stained-eternal-truth" to us in Somaliland. Which is an "eternal truth" delivered to us by the dearth of thousands upon thousands of our dearly departed brave sons of our land, regardless of whatever some chap who allegedly was from International community (IC) may have whispered (ever so sweetly) into the "receptive ears" of our friend, Mr Galbeedi, if that is we could even believe that such "character" actually exist in the "real world" in the first place.  

2- The only talk we in Somaliland will entertain with Somalia is one in which a "credible third party" from the international community (IC) will have to be present at the side of the table. Or at least at one side of the "rectangular table" in which such discussion will be taking place. And such talks will not be about (again I repeat) will not be about any sort of "unity" between Somaliland and Somalis. But rather it will be about the means, the modality, and the legal avenue our take of leave from the old union with Somalia can be arranged. And being seen to have being done in that way to the satisfaction of both parties, if that is what Somalia are willing to discuss with us. If not, then, the talks (as I suspect they will turned to be) will be short, brief and pointless. And therefore the international community (IC) will see who was there at that talks just to waste time and who was there to talk seriously. Furthermore, I suspect that the reasons the southerners were rather reluctant to talk seriously in the previous rounds of the talks between Somalia and Somaliland, was that they knew they have "no larger legal case" against Somaliland's desire to separate itself from the rest of Somalia, come what may.

3- The notion that someone of Mr Muse Bihi sort of person (who is essentially a man that I am not fond of how he is governing the nation at this moment), will agree with any version (from light to medium or to even the full version of it) of a "political unity" between Somaliland and Somalia, and he in turn, allegedly, have even already "informed" of his acceptance of it to the some folks in the international community (IC), only shows two things, really. And they are: first, like most things about Somaliland, our Galbeedi friend, has no freaking clue of how hardcore some folks are about the "rigid maintenance" of Somaliland, come what may. Which is a distinct category I would put to the likes of Mr Bihi in despite all of his other "numerous faults" in which we can all listed them in here, and do so ever so leisurely prose, indeed, if only we wanted to do it now, which I don't.

Or second, the other possibility is that it seems our friend, Mr Galbeedi, is acting out a version of what Mr William Shakespeare (i.e., the old bard himself) was having in mind when he said: "The Wish is Father to the Thought". Which he meant that our opinions or beliefs are often influenced by our desires and hopes. And therefore, in the case of our friend, Mr Galbeedi, his desire and hope of unity between Somalia and Somaliland seems to have overwhelmed his analytical mind to such degree that he is in danger of believing his own delusion and therefore swallowing in whole his rather pedantic Bull's shit about Somaliland. Which is the reason, we have him in here talking about the likes of Mr Bihi (of all people) wanting some sort of a "freaking unity" between Somaliland and Somalia. This is a gold-plated crocks, really. What cocomania argument this is, in my view. But then again that is the ultimate and indeed the most generous "summation" of the argument we behold from our friend.

Finally, it's really pity to see such a turn of a political desperation on the part of our friend, in particularly, to the extend that he is actually imagining that Mr Bihi has a "secret deal" with international community (IC) to hand over Somaliland into some sort of "Unity train" with Somalia, when in fact the man he is talking about (i.e., Mr Bihi) is the same fellow who was one of the movers and shakers who convinced most folks to go for the separation route for Somaliland at that "crucial meeting" of Burco of "early-to-mid May of 1991". Since most folks, including the likes of Mr Silanyo, the late Professor Ibrahim Meygag, and even the late Mr Abdirahman Tur (who was the head of the SNM at that crucial meeting) were on the other hand, very lukewarm about the "feasibility" of this new course of political direction for Somaliland.

Hence, if Mr Silanyo, couldn't bring about such unity (when he was a president) even if you ignore the fact that he was not so empowered to do it anyway, then the notion that the likes of Mr Muse Bihi will "forsake" everything he fought for in the last 40 or so odd years, just so that he could get some sort of financial lucre from the would-be extraction fees of resources that are allegedly laden in the deep of the Somali peninsula, which in turn will be a resources that will be divided up by some alleged government sitting in Mogadishu and he in turn will be "satisfied" with that sort of affairs whilst he is sitting in Hargeisa taking the dictates and orders of that sort from Mogadishu's government, shows again how really and tragically clueless, our friend, Mr Galbeedi, is about Somaliland and about what he ought to be talking about it when it comes to her, really. 

So that is that.

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