Armed group formed in Fiqi Ayub, north eastern Togdheer, Somaliland region

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I see someone who is still in search of their "Political Holy-Grail", namely another Col. Caare who may be fill-in deeply as a "hero" at that hole that exist within their "rotten psyche" in which they carry around as they go desperately about with their "welfare-dependent-low-life", specially in here of dear old Blighty. 

However, although, I hate to disappoint them rather needlessly, but, still, I must say to them, that, the fact of the matter is that these riffraffs will  be clear off easily by the RRU and by the rest of the local police force of Togdheer region. And that will be the case long before the army itself actually gets its boots on just to make a short work of them, if it becomes necessary, indeed.

And the reason for that is that we in Somaliland actually are pass masters of handling local small "political potatoes" of the kind this sort of a "farcical stunt" actually amounts to in the cold light of the day. Despite the best effort in which someone in here is parading around such stunt, as if it's really an earth shattering news to us. 

So let me say that they ought to really pray a bit more of an intensive sort of way for a "mighty calamity" to strike Somaliland from the blue sky. Given, that, this one is nothing but a "laughable nuisance" in which it will be made a short-work of it in no time. For that will be so, particularly, if they are deemed sufficiently of a "threatening" sort of maligned issue for the larger agenda of Somaliland's economical development.

Hence, mark my word in here, folks, when I say that these guys or these riffraffs will be history, and will be heard no more from them, within the next three (3) months or so, at tops.    

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