Cheeseman's slush fund friends partying in Djibouti alcohol, call girls *Habesha**

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Here is the end result of the cheap and transparent lies of these clique in Villa Somalia. Watch what this "donkey-legged-looter" from Deyniile district of Mogadishu (who passes himself off as the PM of that outfit in Villa Somalia) is saying about this alleged Airport in Barawe at the attached video below clearly shows.

And do that as you watch the side picture and realize how only it took a few weeks for the whole "thieving charade" and the "pilfering scam" to unravel it in right before our collective eyes.

Hence, now and times like this, I am indeed waiting to hear from our wretchedly and mentally-colonized "Gudhuu-boy" of SOL. And I want to hear him carrying on his endless slogans, along with his teeming pictures about "Horaa Loo Soconayaa" and some cheap argument about Somalia, in which he used to parade with it in here.

Or even better, perhaps, we may be lucky enough I say were we to finally hear from the likes of our Galbeedi fellow with his silly talk of how some "confidential sources" of his did told him (in the dead of a night) as to how this was a genuine Airport in which the likes of Dr Beileh had sweat for it in getting the 4.3 millions dollars it allegedly costed to build it from the EU.

Or perhaps, our Sheegato ninny could come in here in any minute now and tell the rest of us as to how Somalia had turned the corner in-terms of "infrastructure building" with this kind of daylight financial robbery.

I am really dying to hear from the lot of them, indeed.


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Waxaan jeclaan lahaa inay noqoto caasimadda soomaaliya.

Waa magaalada kaliya ee soomaaliya ku taal oo cumaamad qudha garabka laga saarto nabad jacayl iyo xadaaradna isku darsatay.

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