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and suddenly the laws seemed alot tougher which in turn slowed down the amount of somali immigrants coming to Canada.

You are right about that, but these changes just didn't stop "somalis" alone.


As we stand there are barely any new somali immigrants in the country and I would say the percentage is very little as compared to the other ethnicities.

You couldn't have been more wrong on the above statement. There are hundreds of new comers who came just last year alone.


The reason why the percentage is very little as you stated is because the somali communities that vary in this nation isn't working together to bring our people in canada, as other cultures are doing for their people.


In our city, the somali community worked along side canada immigration and our city hall, to try and bring hundreds of new comers from kenya, and it worked. (the project was in the works for a long time)


Our community, just like the sudanese community in our city made the effort to do something about it. The sudanese community started out with few individuals, and now, there are thousands of them in this city, all thanks to canada immigration, and we, even though don't compare the number of sudanese new comers, are getting there, we hope to get couple of more hundreds soon.


Last year alone, oct.-nov. of 03, there were literally over a hundred somali new comers that our city welcomed, mostly women and children. Jan. o4 this year, another 50-70 new comers joint us.


Our community organized a welcome party for these new comers, and we even had representatives from city hall, canada immigration. We had few of the new comers speak on behalf of the rest of the new comers, and the representative from canada immigration was not only impressed but assured us as a community that this doesn't have to stop here, and that we would grow as a community and wished the new comers a success.



I think you kind of assumed the amount of somali immigration in this country would sort of be comparable to that in England but it really isn't close.

Who do you think should be blamed for that???


Anybody but immigration canada and its policies.

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Lazye girl,

My point was that immigration for somalis to canada has decreased dramatically wouldn't you agree? secondly I wasn't trying to lay blame, I was just pointing out to Ngonge the differences between Canada and the U.K. which he's more familiar with.

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