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To admin: How would I upload images to my posts?

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Hello Tam. I am not the Admin, but i think i can help you with the question you asking.


To post an Image, u need to have the immage link---always like this And then enclose it both ends with the IMG thingy.


If you wanna post something from your hard drive, you gonna have to first upload it to some pic server, and then link it from there. Just fallow the first example.


Here is an example...



Here is the link, without the IMG format enclosed in both ends. It should look something like this.

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tamina,i thought you directed your question to the admin,but i see somaliaonlinepresident giving you solutions,anyway saaxiib somaliaonlinePresident,why don't u give tamina some codes of how to do that,words and links don't produce the result.


actually am not invited here,only the admin was asked that question!!!



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